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New league module video tutorial

We have just launched our series of video tutorial for the league module.



  • Online documentation
  • League Basic Configuration Video
  • League Players and Games Video
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    League: Tournament Management

    I want to share a new module for tournament management.
    It defines entities for persons (AKA players) and games (AKA matches), node types for teams, stadiums and matchdays.
    Position tables are build over views allowing huge flexibility.
    Groups and categories could be defined Drupal Way using taxonomies, node/entity references and/or OG.
    Just achieved DEV status eventhough module is stable enough, but still lacks of some functionallity to be considered an oficial release.

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    New tournament management module

    Hey there, I am the founder of the D7 Tournament module. The module is currently in use by about 150 sites and has had very positive feedback. However, it was hard to cater for everyones requirements so I decided to rebuild everything into something more accessible.

    BracketCloud is a flexible hosted tournament system. I've released a Drupal module that interacts directly through the BracketCloud API to display tournaments on your sites. I plan to add more and would love to hear feedback on the features you'd like to see.

    BracketCloud can be found at

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    eSports Leagues

    I have being involving on eSports Leagues (Leagues for Videogames) business for several years ago. I'm also a drupal since the old 4.7 times (even don't have made many real code until start development my eSports Leagues modules).

    During many years I was waiting for someone to develop a league modules that I can uso to deploy a eSports website for Mexico and even I spend many afternoons looking around I never could find anything.

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    Going to Denver? Please attend our BoF!

    If you're attending DrupalCon Denver, I've scheduled a BoF on Wednesday afternoon to meet, greet, and discuss Sports and League Management within Drupal.

    Details can be found at ... hope to see you there!

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