Drupal 7 "One League API" Initiative

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New league module video tutorial

We have just launched our series of video tutorial for the league module.



  • Online documentation
  • League Basic Configuration Video
  • League Players and Games Video
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    Hi all,

    I'm setting up a Drupal site for a hockey team I play for and would be very interested in using this... and helping out with it. Is anyone still active in working towards a set of D7 modules?


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    One League API - What are the relationships between Sport Entities?

    I've got base code for each of the base entiity types built in my sandbox ... I'm now turning my attention to defining the relationship and interaction between individual entities.

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    Phase 2: Define data model and structure supporting the identified components

    Data Model

    I'd propose fully leveraging the new 'Entity' concept within Drupal to represent each of the components required in a league management module.

    Object Entity Bundles Comments
    Sport Sport Team Sport
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    Phase 1: Define various sport components

    Page Purpose

    • Compile a list of object/components/items/vocabulary related to sports clubs and leagues, which will in turn provide input into the Data Model for the One League API Initiative

    Please edit this page and add your own items as well!

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    The 'One League API' Initiative


    • To provide a single, flexible, and efficient data model and related API which can be leveraged by any sports/league related modules
    • To consolidate the functionality of existing D6 league-related modules into a single D7 collection, thus reducing duplication and increasing interoperability of league related modules
    • To build a strong foundation of both new and existing league-related module maintainers, building a strong pool of experience to support future enhancements, plugins, features, and support of sport/league related Drupal modules.
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