OSU as 1st choice but we have been looking into other options

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Some of us have been making the early beginnings of getting a DrupalCamp for Columbus this year.
Efforts to get into OSU have been unsuccessful to date.
I will be speaking at my 20th Drupal Camp in a few weeks and of those 20 only 5 have NOT been at a university. 2 of those 5 were at private instructional facilities.
I'm reaching out to any of the OSU Alumni, Staff, or Students who can facilitate getting the camp onto the OSU campus. If you can help, either reply to me directly OR here to the whole group.
The year is churning away and we need to move fast. We are in talks with other facilities but we would really prefer OSU since they use Drupal a great deal. http://Drupal.OSU.edu

We're shooting for Octobre, preferably earlier Octobre, but we're somewhat flexible on this.

Thank you!
- Doug Vann


Hey Doug, I e-mailed the

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Hey Doug,
I e-mailed the open-source club at OSU since I'm on their mailing list and the club president thought that they could sponsor the Drupal camp. This would probably give us at least one room for free and the possibility of a reduced rate on renting additional rooms at the Student Union. I'm sending you the e-mail via the contact form I received. I also know some people who work IT for different departments but nobody in CS directly.


THNX Robbt

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Thanks Robbt for that lead.
I have your email and I will definitely bring them into the loop to involve them in the process.

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OSU status report

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A number of us at OSU who were at the Drupal@OSU meeting in July have been exploring options, and it sounds like there is some support for putting this together. I don't know if they've contacted you directly Doug, but our next general meeting is this Thursday and I imagine the topic will come up again then.