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In case you've been living under a rock somewhere in New Hampshire, or elsewhere in the northern New England area, DrupalCampNH 2011 is currently accepting registrations AND session submissions.

If you haven't registered for the camp yet, please be sure to do so now!! Registration is free, and space IS limited. We've already reached around 1/4th of the target registrations on the website I hope to have on camp day. The numbers that most other "large" camps have experienced is around 300 registered on the website, with around 200ish actually in attendance, and these are the numbers I expect us to hit.

For those of you that HAVE already registered, have you passed along the information to your Drupal friends? What about your clients? Yes, I said clients! If you've built a Drupal site for someone in the area, it would be great to pass along the information to them, as they are just the kind of users we should be targeting to attend, and learn more about the platform their business is running on, meeting the community, understanding what they are a part of!

I also wanted to take a moment to point out that we are one of the only camps around to have a site up, fully functional, and nearing 100 registered attendees over 3 months in advance of our camp date of October 29th, 2011. We also have just had Redfin Solutions commit to our second Platinum Sponsorship along with Brown & Company Design. Many thanks to ALL of our sponsors both now, and upcoming!

Regsiter Now, Submit a Session and prepare for a great camp this Fall!!

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