DrupalcampNH 2013

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As input to meetups, camps, etc. "What is your level of Drupal expertise?"

Superstar / Guru
0% (0 votes)
Expert / Master Craftsman
40% (4 votes)
Skilled / Journeyman
50% (5 votes)
Learning / Apprentice
0% (0 votes)
Novice / Wannabe
10% (1 vote)
Total votes: 10
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THANK YOU to the organizers, volunteers and speakers that made DrupalCampNH 2013 a fabulous event! You all deserve much kudos!

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Drupal Camp NH 2013

Last Call for T-Shirts... If you plan on attending the Camp later this month and have not purchased a ticket for the Camp please do so by 5:00 PM on Wed 9/4. We need to get a final count to the T-Shirt Printer to have the T-Shirts for the Camp.

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Drupalcamp NH 2013 - Save the Date!

The Drupalcamp NH Committee is please to annouce we have a date for the next Drupalcamp NH to be held in Portsmouth, NH on Saturday, September 21st at Great Bay Community College at Pease. On Sunday, September 22nd we are planning on having a code sprint with the location TBA.

Please mark your Calenders and Save the Date!!

The web site http://drupalcampnh.org/ is up but we are not taking registrations at this time.

More information to come.

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Drupalcamp NH 2013 Website Discussions

Damien posted the following link in another discussion


Doattend.com looks promising, pricing is better than Eventbrite and people can even sign up the day of the event. We can also print badges from their site.

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NH Drupal Camp 2013 Venue Discussion

The Drupal Camp Committee has decided on a venue for this year's drupal camp. We are planning to have it at the Great Bay Community College in Portsmouth NH. The school is located at Pease in Portsmouth NH.
Main web site:
Floor Plan
Please note that the pricing on this sheet is not what we will be charged they are willing to give a non-profit discount which is about 50% off.

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Drupalcamp NH 2013 Meeting

I would like to get a committee meeting set up for the 2013 NH Drupal camp. I figured since everyone is spread out we could do it via Google groups or skype. The meeting is open to anyone who wants to help. The first thing would be to find out when we could do a chat meeting. I'm available on Thursday & Friday most of the day and Saturday-Wed in the early afternoon. It would be good to get a head count on who wants to help out and when your available to meet.

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Drupalcamp NH 2013

Hello all,

Based on our discussion at the Summit last weekend here is a poll with the ideas for this year's Drupalcamp NH:


Vote for how you'd like to see this year's camp to manifest itself. Please get your vote in before Wednesday, March 6th.

Post any questions or clarifications that you need down in the comments below.


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Summit Meeting Followup

One idea mentioned at the Summit meeting regarding the camp was to have more of a Drupal expo to promote those building Drupal sites to businesses. I think this idea has some merit but still not sure if it can be incorporated into a camp. There are to alternatives if that we may want to discuss. One is the Made in NH Expo I've attended a couple of times as a spectator and once as an exhibitor. Booths are a little expensive but as a group it maybe manageable. This year it's the first weekend in April

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