Meeting Notes

Meeting Notes/Minutes for New Hampshire area meetup(s).
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Is there any meetups for drupal community around NH area?

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Central NH meetings?

Hi, folks.

Are there any Drupal user groups meeting regularly in central NH? I don't see any sign of the old Concord group, and Manchester looks pretty quiet. Thanks.

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Potential 2014 Seacoast DUG Topics

At our most recent Seacoast DUG Meetup, we brainstormed potential topics (and presenters) for 2014. Here's the list we came up with:

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I am new to Drupal.

Here is what I am looking to do

I want one user to receive a registration email
I want another user type to receive a different registration

Drupal 6

Any Ideas is appreciated

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Meetup Notes - Manchester - 11/10/11

Thoughts for next year’s DrupalCamp
-Better than Atlanta!
-Charge $5 to get a better count
-Wifi rocked!
-Food rocked!
-Beer rocked!
-Challenges with video
-prefer screen capture
-Have a volunteer coordinator with clear details of jobs
-A stronger effort to get people to attend local groups
-include information packet in badge
-Badge stickers for “hiring”, “hunting”
-Create a “binder” with NH specific how-tos

Mary suggest a group tackle the tedious downloads from adobe connect. +1
-She can even add the bumpers

We still need to get presenter slide decks.

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Meetup Notes - Upper Valley - 6/29/2011

At this UVDUG meetup, Rob (rbayliss) presented on the Features module.

Features packs up configurations from different modules and creates a new module that can be installed on other Drupal sites. Some of the things that are exportable are Views, panels, CCK/Fields, Taxonomy, Feeds, Rules, User Roles & permissions. Many core configurations and those from contributed modules can be packaged into Features.

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Meetup Notes - Upper Valley - 5/25/2011

A belated thanks to everyone who came to the UVDUG meetup back in May. I finally got around to organizing my notes from the presentations. Better late than never, right? Here's what we talked about -- please feel free to add anything I missed.

Louis and Christina attended Drupal NH Meetup Summit back in May and shared the highlights of the event with the group.

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Meetup Notes - Manchester - 6/9/2011

The following notes are from the June 9th, 2011 meetup in Manchester, NH. Please feel free to add to this Wiki page as appropriate for things I may have missed, or additional resources on topics we discussed.

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