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The mission of the Drupal Travelers Program is to connect businesses and traveling community members with local communities and events in the areas that they are visiting.

You are welcome to edit and add to this wiki, but keep the list organized and do not remove entries unless you are that meetup or group organizer.

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Participating Meetups and Groups

4th Tuesday of Each Month 4th Wednesday of Each Month 4th Thursday of Each Month
Frontend Drupal / Design 4 Drupal Downtown Los Angeles Drupal San Gabriel Valley Drupal
San Diego North County DUG

Detailed Descriptions of Meetups

When editing and adding meetups below, be as descriptive as you'd like. It may be helpful to businesses and traveling community members for them to have as much information as possible.

Frontend Drupal / Design 4 Drupal

The Frontend Drupal / Design 4 Drupal meetups are on the 4th Tuesday and are usually in Culver City, CA. They focus on design, theming, usability, typography and other frontend-related topics.

Downtown Los Angeles Drupal

With enough notice, Downtown Los Angeles Drupal organizers can produce special events at Droplabs on the 4th Wednesday in Downtown Los Angeles.

Droplabs already hosts several Drupal meetups each month, including the High Performance Drupal and general Downtown Los Angeles Drupal meetups. These meetups have had attendance of between 20-65 attendees.

San Gabriel Valley Drupal

The San Gabriel Valley Drupal meetups are on the 4th Thursday in San Gabriel Valley (usually Pasadena, CA). They have a general focus and have an attendance of between 15-30 attendees.

San Diego Drupal Users Group

The San Diego Drupal Users Group meetups are on the 2nd Wednesday of every month at the San Diego Hall of Champions in Balboa Park. We have a mixed structure with some planned content and some ad-hoc content, and we usually have a small social meetup at the Prado down the street afterwards.

San Diego North County DUG

The San Diego North County DUG meetups are on the 4th Thursday of every month in Carlsbad, CA at the NAMM headquarters in the Museum Of Making Music. This meetup averages about 10-15 users, most of which are seasoned Drupalers. Content is purely ad-hoc, and you may be asked to talk about what you've been doing recently.

Original Post Describing the Program

The Traveling Drupaler Program aims to link Traveling Drupalers with the local communities and events in the area that they're visiting. This benefits the group greatly because it allows a local group to get speakers and presentation content from outside their general community reach. Some speakers may find this to be a benefit as well, social Drupalers generally like to see what's going on in other cities, as long as it's not too much of a hassle for them to get involved with the local group.

So what can we do as a local community to entice some of our best traveling Drupalers to come infuse out local groups with fresh content? For one thing we can consolidate our events to occur close enough together that travelers can attend several events in one trip. Imagine a large regional Drupal presence that is represented by a group of local DUGs. If these DUGs happened on consecutive days, and we had someone visiting for that week, they could experience a wealth of Drupal and Community in a short time.

In some cases, there may be an interesting speaker who's already visiting town on business or pleasure, or we may be able to actually fly out quality Drupal talent to take part in the program, but in either case, we may have to entice them to come out and devote their time to speaking at DUGs. so what does that mean? Perhaps it's enough to cover their travel, food, and boarding expenses, maybe we could lend community support to their module, or possibly we may have to entice them with money or swag.

I know that as a social Drupalist, I'd be happy to fly somewhere for a week if my flight and room were covered and I knew there was going to be a lot of Drupal community happenings going on. I can work from anywhere, and I like to meet Drupalers from the around the world, so I see this kind of program as a win-win situation, but everyone's motivations are different.

So what's next in getting something like this working? I propose that we get 3 candidate DUGs within Southern California to pick a week of the month, and schedule their meetups to fall on a Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday. The next major task is to pick a genre of Drupal discussion to make the focus for the month. Once we know when to consolidate, and what to talk about, we can go about finding someone to come talk with us about it. At some point we have to determine the cost and financials, then we can make an invitation and fly someone in to talk to our group.


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I propose that the Frontend Drupal meetup (which meets in Culver City) and SGV Drupal meetup (which meets in the San Gabriel Valley) both participate in this travelers program.

These meetups are already scheduled on the 4th Tuesday and 4th Thursday, respectively, and are likely to stay on these days into the foreseeable future.

The most accurate and up-to-date list of meetups and user groups in the Greater Los Angeles Area is currently this wiki:

If you're a meetup organizer in the Greater Los Angeles Area, please update that wiki with the day of the month that your meetup gets together. Thank you!

Given enough notice, the

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Given enough notice, the Downtown Los Angeles Drupal organizers can produce a special event on the 4th Wednesday of each month.

There are now 3 participating meetups and locations in the Los Angeles area:

   4th Tuesday: Frontend Drupal / Design 4 Drupal
   4th Wednesday: Downtown Los Angeles Drupal
   4th Thursday: San Gabriel Valley Drupal

With this development, I did a first pass at relaunching this wiki and am happy to announce that we now have what we need for a travelers program!

Welcoming all travellers in Manila

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Hi guys! Gem here currently an active volunteer and organizer for PHDUG. If anyone will be travelling to Manila, Philippines we can welcome drupal developers from all parts of the world and collaborate with them in the future.

We hope to see you here in our Country!

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