Modules that Extend the Media Module

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This is a list of modules that extend or build on the Media module. This is NOT a list of all modules that have to do with media in a general sense. Those can be found by filtering the module list.

The projects are divided into a few classifications: provider, players, UI, feeds, features, and engines. The logic in these classifications was based on research done for the Derivatives API and the desire to see the code needed to pull in and display media remain separated from the code used to upload and transcode media.

Note that video_embed_field, independently of the media module, can provide a function similar to the D6 "emfield" embedded media field. If you're having trouble with Media, and don't need anything complicated, give it a try.

This is a wiki so if you know of a module that isn't listed, feel free to add it!

For more useful materials for anyone working with media modules in Drupal, see Resource Guide: Managing Media in Drupal.

Provider Projects

Name Description Media 1.x
Media 2.x
Support Provides StreamWrapper support for videos. Yes Unknown
AV Portal Provides StreamWrapper support for the European Audiovisual Services Unknown Yes
BlipTV Provides StreamWrapper support for BlipTV videos. Yes Yes
Brightcove integration Brightcove-sponsored VideoCloud integration module Unknown Mostly
Dailymotion Provides StreamWrapper support for videos. Yes Yes
Vidme Provides Vidme Photoset support. Yes Yes
Flickr Provides Flickr Photoset support. Yes Partly
Issuu (sandbox) Provides StreamWrapper support for Issuu online magazine service. Unknown Unknown
JW Platform (sandbox) Provides StreamWrapper support for videos hosted on JW Platform. Unknown Mostly
Kaltura Provides simple integration for Kaltura videos. Unknown Unknown
Kewego (sandbox) Provides StreamWrapper support for Kewego videos. Yes Yes
Livestream (sandbox) Provides StreamWrapper support for Livestream channels and videos. Yes Yes
Mixcloud (sandbox) Provides StreamWrapper support for Mixcloud service. Unknown Unknown
NetX Provides StreamWrapper support for NetX Digital Asset Management. Yes Yes
Node Exposes nodes to the media browser, enabling them to be embedded in content. Yes Unknown
Own3d Provides StreamWrapper support for Own3d videos. Yes Yes
Media: oEmbed Provide users with the ability to add internet media from any oEmbed provider. Yes Yes
oEmbed Allow your Drupal site to embed content from oEmbed-providers as well as for the site to become an oEmbed-provider itself. Yes Unknown
Pixabay Provides search and save of images from service. Unknown Yes (only the D7)
PEG.TV Provides StreamWrapper support for PEG.TV videos. Yes Unknown
Prezi Provides StreamWrapper support for Prezi. Unknown Yes (only the D7)
Private Dynamic Stream Provides a file stream wrapper to store private files that can be altered when downloaded.
The file stream wrapper mimics the functionality of the Drupal Private file system with the addition of the capability to alter the file's content when it is downloaded.
Unknown Unknown
Remote Stream Wrapper Provides the ability to use external files with file fields without saving the files to your local files directory. Also provides a 'Remote URL' browser plugin. Yes Yes
Responsive Provides a responsive images view mode. Yes
ShareStream Provides StreamWrapper support for ShareStream video. Yes
SoundCloud Provides StreamWrapper support for SoundCloud audio. Yes Yes
Tableau Provides StreamWrapper support for Tableau visualizations. Unknown Yes
TED Provides StreamWrapper support for TED talks (videos). Yes Yes
thePlatform mpx thePlatform-sponsored mpx integration module Yes Yes
Unsplash Provides search and save of images from service. Unknown Yes (only the D7)
Ustream Provides StreamWrapper support for Ustream videos. Yes Yes
Vimeo Provides StreamWrapper support for Vimeo videos. Yes Yes
Vzaar Provides support for Vzaar videos. Don’t know yet Don’t know yet
Yandex Video Provides StreamWrapper support for Yandex video service. Unknown Unknown
YouKu Provides StreamWrapper support for YouKu videos, a popular Chinese video site. Yes Unknown
YouTube Provides StreamWrapper support for YouTube videos. Yes Yes (only the D7)
Media 23video Provides StreamWrapper support for 23video videos. Yes Yes (only the D7)

Player Projects

Name Description Media 1.x
Media 2.x
jPlayer This library provides an HTML5-based player, that uses a Flash fallback for browsers that do not yet support it. Yes Development
MediaElement MediaElement is a jQuery based JavaScript plugin that enables the video and audio tags using h.264 to work under browsers that do not support the tag or the codec and provides a consistent interface across all browsers. Yes Unknown
Mediafront MediaFront is a front end media solution that provides a uniformed UI for web media, including YouTube and Vimeo hosted videos. Yes Unknown
Html5 Media A simpler HTML5 video/audio player, also written by Travist (creator of mediafront). It can be used standalone or plug into mediafront as an alternative player.An audio player. But does not extend media module nor depends on it. Yes Unknown
SoundManager2 Provides Drupal with the soundmanager2 player and with two styles: page-player and ui360. Yes Unknown

Feed Projects:

Name Description Media 1.x
Media 2.x
Media Feeds Provides Feeds mappings for media_internet, existing files from the media library and remote files using Remote stream wrapper. Beta Beta
Webcam Grab photos via webcam, in development. Unknown Unknown

UI Projects

Name Description Media 1.x
Media 2.x
Media Multiselect Lets you upload multiple images/files to multivalue fields. See to help us get it in media core or an official release! Unknown Sandbox
Exif Stable Stable
Exif Custom Unknown Stable
Media Browser Plus Beta Partly
Media Colorbox A file field formatter that can be used to display Media files in a Colorbox. Formatter settings allow you to select a display for the field in the content (trigger) and the a different display for the field in the Colorbox overlay. No Beta
Media Embedded Beta Unknown
Media Gallery Beta Development
Media Translation Allows you to specify a language for the files you upload through the Media module, then it allows you to bundle files together in translation sets. Stable Unknown
Media Update This module allows to perform in-place replacement of a single media file without changing the content of any associated fields. Stable Development
Media Webform Sandbox Sandbox
Plupload Provides integration between for the Plupload widget to upload multiple files and Drupal. Beta Yes
Workbench Media Provides integration between Media module and the Workbench suite Yes Yes
Wysiwyg Fields Allows for any field (including Media field) to become a Wysiwyg module plugin Development Development
Media Derivative Entity Helps connect the derivatives made by the Derivatives API module back to the entity which created it. No Development

Feature Projects

Name Description Media 1.x
Media 2.x
Debut Media Beta Unknown
Media HTML5 video Beta Unknown

Engine Projects

Name Description Media 1.x
Media 2.x
Media Derivatives API Beta Unknown
Simple ffmpeg engine Beta Unknown
Kewego Derivatives Add an engine to upload videos to Kewego and to add them as derivative. Sandbox Unknown
Youtube Derivatives An engine to upload videos to a Youtube account. Stable Unknown
Media: YouTube upload An other engine to upload videos to a Youtube account. Holds YouTube information in a new file type "YouTube video". File changes will be pushed onto YouTube. No Development

Development Projects

Name Description Media 1.x
Media 2.x
Media Development Install Profile Development Unknown
Media derivates development profile Development Unknown