Train to PNW Drupal Summit?

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I'll admit it, I'm a sucker for trains. How about the rest of you?

Amtrak has a train leaving Vancouver at 6:40am on October 14th, arriving in Portland at 2:55pm for $58. There's another one returning October 17th that leaves Portland at 2:50pm and arrives in Vancouver at 10:55pm, again for $58. According to Amtrak free wifi is available on the train. More information here.

To my way of thinking, it would be great to get a bunch of people on the train and start the hacker lounge early, picking up more people on our way through Seattle. Any interest?


hackers on rails

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yup, Affinity posse have been talking about taking the train, would be good times, seems like a great way to travel, some say you can even bring your bike in the luggage car....

Seattle folks already have tix...

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Let's all ride together!

I have a ticket for a train leaving SEA at 11:25am Fri - so I think that sounds like the same one you mentioned.

I am on the 6:15pm train out of PDX on Manday with some other SEA folks, but that might be a bit later for the Canadian crew...


Glad to see there's interest!

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Glad to see there's interest! Bikes are only $5 extra, so taking one would make lots of sense.

I think for the Canadian folks the 6:15pm train would mean a very late bus from Seattle to Vancouver, which would kinda suck.

Hadn't settled on how to get

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Hadn't settled on how to get there yet, but if it's train then I imagine Bruno and I will go into Seattle the night before and join up the next day with y'all. :)

I am interested

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in the train ride, esp. with the wifi and meeting a couple of Drupal people to have an early start on hackers lounge...

Hey All the train sounds like

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Hey All the train sounds like a great idea, I'll be making the trip down from Kelowna to Van so if there is still a group going on the train count me in. Do we have to buy our tickets for it ahead of time?

count me in!

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count me in!

Hey All, Was looking at the

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Hey All,

Was looking at the pricing for the tickets to go on the Oct 14, it's $82 to take the train right from Van or it's $58 to bus it from Van to Seattle.

I know I'd rather just pay the extra money and hit the train the entire way. Looking forward to the trip :) What are you guys doing?

It looks like the price for

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It looks like the price for the train ticket mentioned in the OP has gone up to 82. That's for the 513 Amtrak Cascades leaving Vancouver October 14th at 6:40 and arriving in Portland at 2:55. I've heard that seats aren't assigned till checking in. It would be great to try and check in as a group.

I'm planning on catching the 516 Amtrak Cascades 2:50pm train leaving Portland Monday. I figure I'll get a day of work in still as there is WiFi on the train :)