picture from the Bof

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here is the picture from the BOF

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Hey badesemowo, good to meet the Nigerian delegation at BOF! Is the picture up? I cannot find it.

Birds of Feather - who was there?

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@badesemowo - Thank you for posting the photo! @cafuego - thankyou for taking it! ;)

This group was formed out of a Birds of a Feather session at DrupalCon London with 10 representatives from 5 continents.

- Duncan Davidson - ded - Scotland
- Robert Carr - arrge - Scotland
- Diarmuid Simpson - diarmy - Scotland
- Jens Beltofte - Beltofte - Denmark
- Ricardo Amaro - ricardoamaro - Portugal
- Claudio Beatrice - omissis - Italy

- Issa Mahasneh - yugi - Jordan

- Donna Benjamin - kattekrab - Australia

- Bade Adesemowo - badesemowo - Nigeria

North America
- Cary Gordon - highermath - US

MIA - South America, Antarctica

Donna Benjamin
Board Member Drupal Association

Looks like a happy bunch :-)

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Looks like a happy bunch :-) Too bad I missed it. I still can't get over not making it to DrupalCon this time. Great that there's now a group here on gdo where we can share experiences and help each other.

The norwegian association is Foreningen Drupal Norge and our community site is at http://www.drupalnorge.no

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