Discussions to start in a couple weeks.

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PDS Subscribers,
I plan to do some recruiting over the next week or so, then we'll kick off discussions.
Jim Schoening


Seeking new group organizers for this Drupal Group

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Due to a new job that will require my full attention, this Drual group is seeking one or more new group organizers.

A companion initiative called Person Ontology at http://www.person-ontology.org/ also needs one or more leaders. That group of 39 members plans to develop a robust person-centric ontology to enable individuals to manager their own data.

If you hear the calling, just post your interest here or send me a private email, and I will promote your online membership to that of a group organizer.

PDS is a not new concept that some venture capitalalists believe will be the new big Internet thing. I'll bet the Drupal community can beat the pants off an Internet start-up company, and can ensure this is truly a user-centric solution. You could be one of it's leaders.

Jim Schoening

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