Personal Data Service (PDS)

This group should probably have more organizers. See documentation on this recommendation.

People need to gain control of their own data and digital identities!!!

A Personal Data System (PDS) movement, with various players, is gaining momentum and trying to provide this capability to individuals. Read more on this movement from one such player at or google 'Personal Data System' for many links.

Our given group will use and extend Drupal to develop a PDS application for individual users and PDS-as-a-service providers. A Drupal 'Full Project' proposal will be submitted after we get organized.

Some members of this group will also serve as initial users, providing feedback for changes and added feastures. Another group (Higgins Project) has some open source PDS software we can start with, with the first challenge being to see how it works with Drupal.

Multiple startups (see are hoping to capture aspects of this market, but this Drupal crowdsource effort has a number of potential competitive advantages:
1. More user-centric than a for-profit company, both in reality and perception. (By the people, for the people.)
2. No cost or ads for users. (Better yet, a module could enable users to sell their own ad space.)
3. Better ensure data portability for users (to avoid vendor lock-in).
4. More developers with wider expertise, especially as this grows.
5. No funding constraints or time-limits for this project to gain momentum.
6. Can't be purchased by a mega-internet company.

This group is being initiated by the Person-Ontology project at, which is seeking user requirements and feedback for its standards development effort (in support of the PDS movement).

This group will interface with a variety of PDS and Identity organizations, plus the following Drupal Groups and Projects: Web Services and Context Core Initiative (WSCCI), Semantic Web, Best Practices in Drupal Security, Taxonomy, Database, Access Control, Projects Needing Volunteer Developers, Services, Social Networking Sites, Knowledge Sharing Developers, Federated Social Web, Advanced Data Driven Applications, RDFS, SPARQL, SPARQL-Views, User Identity with OpenID, and others.

Please join our group and help other volunteers bring this capability to individuals.

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Block Title in rotation form theming the Drupal block

Hello friend,

I would like to theme my View block in the following type.

Only local images are allowed.

Image not shown in the post Please see the following image link

Please help me to prepare my block for looking the upper shown form using *.css template or other way...please help be friends...

Thanking you for the same


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Seeking new group organizers for this Drupal Group

Due to a new job that will require my full attention, this Drual group is seeking one or more new group organizers.

A companion initiative called Person Ontology at also needs one or more leaders. That group of 39 members plans to develop a robust person-centric ontology to enable individuals to manager their own data.

If you hear the calling, just post your interest here or send me a private email, and I will promote your online membership to that of a group organizer.

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Discussions to start in a couple weeks.

PDS Subscribers,
I plan to do some recruiting over the next week or so, then we'll kick off discussions.
Jim Schoening

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