Drupal cron job and re-index site problem

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Hi to all!

I run cron.php and "re-index site", but it still says 0% indexed and also no search result.

Then I tried just to run the cron.php... I noticed that everytime I run the file, the percentage of the indexed increase. But when I click again the "re-index site", the percentage goes back to zero :(

Please help me, I don't know what's happening. Thanks!


you can configure how much of

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you can configure how much of the site is indexed / re-index via the search settings page. Most times the index is only build during cron runs(it used batch api to do its thing). When you click the Index site button(re-index) you tell drupal to clean out its current index and start over.

thank you, i didn't really

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thank you, i didn't really know what the re-index was for. now its all clear to me :)

"re-index site" clears out

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"re-index site" clears out everything. Just run cron.php multiple times until you get to 100%

thanks! i'll try running the

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thanks! i'll try running the cron multiple times :)

I agree

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I agree with cmcintosh. Re-index means try to retry something that the drupal search module did before if you used it or any other module such as search by page module. Now maybe you tell me that after re-indexing still doesn't get such as percentage for the status then that's what is alarming. You could try locally to run cron on your terminal if you used linux or mac then wait for the result. Deactivate the module will may help also such as deactivate it first, uninstall and clean cache so you will see the effect.

thanks! really appreciate the

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thanks! really appreciate the help here :)

the other thing that could

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the other thing that could cause issues is orphaned nodes(nodes that the types definition no longer exists). For the most part those sites that have a large database of content(nodes) will take several crons to fully index the site.

i see, thanks for the insight

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i see, thanks for the insight about the nodes :)

After running the cron.php

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After running the cron.php multiple times... the index result got stuck at 99% :(

I would not worry about it,

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I would not worry about it, probably means there is a node in there it cant figure out, maybe a webform or something like that

You may also want to try

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You may also want to try poormanscron (http://drupal.org/project/poormanscron) to automate the cron job. :)

I use it on my website for my news aggregator and other cron jobs inside. Works right out-of-the-box.


I Have a issue as well

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One thing that I noticed is that when I run cron it doesn't update edited nodes in its re-index. Why would it not?

When I run cron manually or not. I have to re-index under the search settings then run cron just to get my edited node content to come up in search. Very odd. You would think it would auto get all new content. It might even try to as the old content is then not searchable. So I have no idea where its issue is.

Same thing happens to me

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I have the same problem. Changes to already indexed nodes does not cause it to be reindexed unless i manually reindex the site.


Ultimate Cron

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I would suggest to use Ultimate Cron module. It has a very complete functionality to divide your multiple cron jobs into separate tasks so you can see the result of each one of them. I used it for the re-indexation of a huge site, because the cron.php itself never got to end successfully.

With this module you can have control of the messages thrown by your search index process.

Hope it helps.