Move all core Drupal files into /core folder

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2011-11-01 (All day) Europe/London
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User group meeting

On November 1, 2011, all Drupal 8.x core files will be moved into a /core folder. This will break nearly every patch in the 8.x queue, requiring them at least to be re-rolled against the updated directory structure.

After that date, backporting 8.x patches to 7.x will no longer be trivial.

Dries announced in #22336-254:

I've looked at this and I'm comfortable with the patch. Given that it may break a lot of patches, I'd like to propose that I commit this on November 1st, 2011. Like that, (1) we don't break all patches in the issue queue just before we all go to DrupalCon London and (2) we give ourselves a bit more time to stabilize Drupal 7 with minimal effort.


Policy trend

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This announcement has set a trend. The (unwritten as yet) policy appears to be that patches of this size (that affect everything in a file and would make many patches need rerolls) will be applied at pre-scheduled times. I propose that such schedules be announced on the event calendar such as I have done above.

Makes sense

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I completely agree with scheduling really big breaking stuff. The question is what qualifies as "really big breaking stuff", but in principle it makes sense. :-) That sort of coordination is necessary now given Drupal's size. Let's try and convince Dries and catch to stick to that trend.

Posted issue in Documentation queue

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Posted: Patch size and complexity thresholds should be discussed, decided, and documented.

I apologize in advance if I picked the wrong queue. Please move as appropriate.

EDIT: Closed the above as a duplicate of Strategies for far-reaching core patches, but also copied my ideas into the original issue.

As a note...

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I haven't officially announced it yet, but we'll be doing a week-long "clean up the API docs" sprint after that patch goes in, to bring a bunch of API doc blocks up to our standards. The idea is that these massive-change docs patches are disruptive, so might as well do them at a time when everything is already disrupted.