Content translation report: what are your options?

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Let's see what options do you have, if you intend to set up a website with content translation using Drupal. Clearly the i18n module comes into mind, but if you start to look deeper, you will see more approaches tried in the past and in progress, some of which might have very good ideas to carry on. I have actively tested and code reviewed some modules to see what are the options, so we have something to build from, when thinking about i18n support for Drupal 5.0.

To sum it up, all of the modules tested have weaknesses, and there are some striking common approaches (some of which are clearly not desired by some community members). We should discuss some basic approaches, so we can build on them forward. Discussion points will follow in different nodes in the internationalization group.

In case you find any errors or omissions in the comparision table, feel free to point them out.

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Switchlang module

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Here :
you can find a little module inspired from the original switchlang module
(that you mention in your report) with some changes extracted from localizer.

Direct download :

Really good work !!

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Congratulations for this comparative. Is clear, precise and smart.

You can't imagine how happy am I that finally Drupal is taking seriusly the idea of building a real multilang CMS.

Reyero's module saved my life in a couple of situations, but I always though that his i18n module must be in the core. I my humble oppinion, your table shows now clearly that his development rocks and must be "kernelized". :-)

Great work dude.

Localizer improvements

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Hi Gabor.
I've improved a lot my module, Localizer, in the last months.

Some flawed solutions has been reimplemented in other better ways
and a lot of new features have been added, like the separation
between the user interface language and the content language
and also the support for multi language users.

The support for views and block has been added.

A new translation engine that don't use the locale module
and the l() function has been implemented.

Some links :

Let me know what you think.



i've been trying and trying

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i've been trying and trying but I can't seem to get the views to translate, I think i'm missing something?