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What are the limits of multilingual D8?

I've read many different posts about new multilingual features in D8, but would be great to learn more about the limitations too! To learn about limitations is a great way to learn about how everything is working, e.g. some time ago i read this post Drupal's multilingual problem - why t() is the wrong answer and I really learned a lot from it!

Would be great to learn more generally about what is still not working (that will not be fixed now soon in D8), and to get links to relevant issues if possible.

Here are also my questions:

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Services REST node create - tnid not set


I'm using services and rest_server v.7.x-3.7 to update translations on my site.

When creating a node for a translation, I set the tnid, but it is always written in the db as 0.

If I change line 312 of node_resource.inc from:

$stub_node = (object) array_intersect_key($node, array_flip(array('type', 'language')));


$stub_node = (object) array_intersect_key($node, array_flip(array('type', 'language', 'tnid')));

The tnid is properly written to the db and everything works fine.

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Hittar inte sträng i Translate Interface

Jag har sprungit på en skum grej när det gäller översättningar i Drupal 7. Vi har en sajt som har svenska, engelska och tyska. Svenska är defaultspråk för sajten och är angett som source för översättningar. Söker efter en sträng som vi kör genom t() i en nodmall och hittar den. Fast den visar dock bara SV och DE som alternativ för översättning. Man skulle ju vilja se EN och DE där tycker man?

Känns som att t() tror att strängen är på engelska och då bara låter mig lägga in på tyska och svenska.. Fast strängen är ju på SVENSKA, suck!

Någon som har något tips om vad det kan vara?

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Problemas con i18n

Estoy montando en base una plantilla d7.2x una pequeña web multilingual, pero tengo este mensaje de error.

Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$i18n_mode en i18n_block_translate_tab_access() (línea 62 de /home/u817456651/public_html/sites/all/modules/i18n/i18n_block/i18n_block.module).

Utilizo drupal a nivel usuario cortito, o sea que nasti de programación y tal por lo que aunque me manejo bien con el cms propiamente dicho, no llego mucho más lejos.

Gracias por vuestra ayuda!

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Alternative approach on Internationalization trough user input and display manipulation

I have created several multi-language Drupal based sites and I found that for most cases, in order to implement multilanguage support, it is easier to maintain per-language Drupal sites, than one site with multilingual support.

I believe this is because the approach used by the community on multi-language support is to implement multi-language compatible features on every single module created for Drupal. I believe that with this approach there is never going to be a complete multi-language Drupal distribution because there will always be critical features missing i18n compatibility.

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Freelance developer | Globalbility

Employment type: 

I work to make a postcard and translation project that will work like a megaphone out in the world: people can write us something they want to tell the rest of the world on a postcard, and we help translate it into other languages. You can see our small website here: www.globalbility.org - It is a non-commercial initiative and it is registered in the Norwegian Voluntary Register as a NGO.

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Export Translations (e.g. View / Panel Title) in Features

I always have a fuzz about exporting the Views as well as it's translations for STAGE and even PRODUCTION deployment. Although I have tried quite a few ways (e.g. export variable_realms, strongarm, translation.po, etc. etc.) I still ended up having to create multiple instances of the view with a different set of translation. Is there a proper way of handling translation deployment, particularly using Features?

P.S. I notice there is a features_translations module. Has anyone tried that module?

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Sr. Developer | lingotek.com

Employment type: 
Full time


Located in Lehi, Utah, Lingotek is streamlining the end to end process of translation. Part of our strategy is to integrate with content management systems such as Drupal, in order to automate and streamline pushing and pulling content through the translation and content publishing process.

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Showing untranslated content in taxonomy

I'm putting up a personal site for myself, and I usually write in either Norwegian or English. I find many blog posts that indicate that untranslated content is common to show, but I don't understand how people do it. Moreover, I add some complexity due to taxonomy use. I hope someone can find my use case below interesting and can help me out!

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Vincular automaticos mismo titulo i18n

Buenas estoy creando nodos con csv y fedd , ahora ya estoy integrandolos con csv para español e ingles creo los nodos automaticamente pero despues tengo q ir 1 por 1 vinculandolos seria posible q se vincularan automaticamente si tienen el mimso titulo, o si saben tra manera q sea automatica.
Gracias por adelantado

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