Comparison of Single Sign On (SSO) Modules

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Note: It is not clear that this list is all-inclusive. Nor is it clear that all of these modules have the same purpose. SSO can mean enabling login to a Drupal site through the use of credentials stored outside the Drupal site, and it can also mean enabling login to another site through the use of credentials stored within a Drupal site.

Module Installs on 1 Jan '15 6.x 7.x 8.x notes
Drupal 7 Core Multi-DB Support ? N Y N
Drupal 7 Core OpenID Support ? N Y N Removed from Drupal 8 Core.
Twitter 33591 ? Y Y
LDAP 12121 N Y Y
CAS 9580 Y Y Y
OAuth Connector 8760 ? Y N Various OAuth providers. Requires [](OAuth V3).
Facebook OAuth (FBOAuth) 6150 Y Y N No dependencies. Sponsored by Lullabot
HybridAuth Social Login 4036 Y Y N
Facebook Connect 2541 Y Y N
Shibboleth authentication 2417 Y Y N
simpleSAMLphp Authentication 2171 Y Y Y SimpleSAMLphp must be installed and configured as a working service point (SP)
Bakery Single Sign-On System 591 Y Y N Second level domain only.
Account Sync 143 Y Y N
OAuth Login Provider 131 Y Y N
OpenID Connect 99 N Y Y OpenID Connect Sponsored by Commerce Guys
Services single sign-on client 98 Y Y N Tutorial
Mozilla Persona 64 N Y N
Internationalization Single-Sign-On 54 N Y SSO for i18n sites:,
Network Manager 51 Y N
Atlassian Crowd SSO 47 Y Y
OpenID Single Sign On Relying Party 50 Y Y
LDAP Single Sign On 37 Y Y Y
OpenID Single Sign On Provider 29 Y Y
Fierce SSO 2 N N
Google Apps Authentication 2 Y N
TenderApp SSO 2 Y Y
FBConnect Bridge 0 Y N
Lithium SSO 0 N Y

Abandoned or Obsolete Projects

Module Installs on 1 Jan '15 6.x 7.x notes
Single Sign On Multiple Domain 44 N Y Has known security issues.
Single-Sign-On Multi-Database 0 N N No published releases.
Single Sign-On (aka SSO or Single Sign On) N/A Y N Abandoned. Recommend
Shared Sign-On N/A N N Abandoned.
Services single sign-on server helper 88 ? Y This module is unsupported due to a security issue the maintainer didn’t fix.