Add one field to hook__views_data()

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i am trying to develop a drupal module which wants a default view. Already there is a group called test which contain 2 fields. i want to add one more field to that group from my module. I tried this code. but it gives an array field and structure broken .

function myhook_views_data() {
$data['test']['table']['group'] = t('test');
$data['test']['table']['base'] = array(
'field' => 'view_name',
'title' => t('test data'),
'help' => t("test data help."),
'weight' => -10,
return $data;
how can i do this?? Pls help me


value of field

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You have used 'field' => 'view_name',

The value of field should contain the column name of your database table. Have u done the same ?

Value of field

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Yes. i have a field in database view_name which tracks the view name .

using views

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i never developed a module
but i think you can make a view using the views and export the view you created to module you wanted.
does it make sense.


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