Starter Theme Comparison Chart

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Libraries new to Drupal often wonder where to begin with finding a theme for their website. If you are planning to customize a theme, there are several starter themes that will give you a basic layout along with many of the dreaded cross browser CSS fixes. Choosing one of these starter themes can still be daunting.

Luckily I found a fantastic chart that compares the features of most of them.
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Also you can switch to any of the themes while on the website. This way you could see which one might work without having to install them yourself. Also you could use the Firefox plugin Firebug to poke around the elements.

I highly suggest the Firebug plugin if you have never used it.



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Great resource, mikeybenson! Thanks for sharing!

Panels is Your Best Friend

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And it goes without saying, that Panels is your best friend for layout design. Much of what I used to hack together using the templates, I can now do using panels. Yea merlinofchaos!


You can download a copy here

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You can download a copy here

link dead

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link dead

Download Link Works Fine :)

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Download Link Works Fine :)


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For all the people that can't seem to download the file from MediaFire, here's a mirror: Drupal Starter Theme Comparison.


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probably out of date?


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