Select fields from the different table in drupal

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i am new bee in drupal development

i have the list of departmenets with the code number adn it address as following

001- purchase 002- transport 003- catering


as like that in each field fileds like address, contact no etc

now need one in which the select list of department shows the select list of 001,002,003 etc

but when i select the list 002- the details would be typed like address, contact etc into particular segments in that node...

to send some papers i need some setup. so node reference and other are there but not good idea.please help to develop such thing or suggest something to do so

so at the tim eo f priting or saving the detials my node has following more fields like,

subject, matter, from, outword no date.

only the field is being called by number only and all/limited deatils of above said field is automtically called.

please help me to do so using CCK, View, node reference and other modules in drupal

i am verymuch thank ful to you all for help



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You should check with CCK, Views and other related book pages on