This group should probably have more organizers. See documentation on this recommendation.

This group was formed to discuss the development, use and future of the Skinr module.

We have lots of ideas and need your help.

Our main goals are to:

  • Show you how to use Skinr.
  • Collaborate on skins to share with the Drupal community.
  • Collaborate on creating a means of browsing, packaging and sharing skins.
  • Explore options for the future of Skinr and Drupal theming in general.
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Skinr Drupal 8

I mantain a subtheme that uses skinr.
We are making the roadmap to port the sub theme to Drupal 8.
Are there any plans to port Skinr to D8? As we need to take a desition on how to handle online configurations.

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Default groups is not displaying.


I followed all steps according But when i clicks on edit skin link of block than it is redirecting me to group page but there is not any default group.

Please help.

Ravikant kumawat

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Edit Skin Options work with Main Page Content Block?

Im using the mix and match theme and trying to get skinr to work with the main content block, every time I make changes to the skin of the main content block nothing happens. I wondered if it works for all the blocks except main content? If thats the case, is there a way to use skinr with the main content block or is this just a theme issue?

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Skinr Libraries - Do they exist?

Hi guys :) I've just watched a couple of Skinr screencasts, checked out the website and the Skinr Project page but I haven't been able to find anything like the Skinr Libraries that I've heard mention of in the screencasts. More specifically, Jacine mentioned a few times that she'd like to have a repository on d.o for people to upload skins that they have created, like the 960 grid she used in one of her screencasts.

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Back-end Developer | Cheeky Monkey Media

Employment type: 
Full time
Employment type: 

Here is the dealio. Cheeky Monkey Media is expanding their team and you might be just the monkey they need. The reason we are looking for another hand is because we like to deliver the best to our clients.

So, there is that part of the job. Here is what we really need from you in order to meet our needs and our customers’ needs. You need to be able to drop it like it’s hot. Codes that is. What can we say, sometimes we have clients that have unique needs and we need you to be able to come through with even the not-so-common requests.

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shinr and Acquia Marina 7


I use Drupal Acquia Marina 7 + + + skinr merger.

I'm having a little problem with Skinr.
It worked well for the configuration of blocks, but after updating to Drupal 7.14, the design of the blocks disappeared. This is the default design of Acquia Marina that I put up any more.
Here's what happens:
When I want to "edit skin" for a block, I can not see the design parameters of the block: Skin settings for block is empty.
Yet the list of skin is not empty. She has configuations I had set before.

Could you help me ?

thank !


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Skinr Screencast?

Hi Jacine and Skinr Group,

Is there a screencast that explains the set-up of Skinr on Drupal 7 that you've come across?

The main barrier to entry (and I guess testing) is that many people have trouble even installing Skinr. The docs on and via Skinr Advanced Help, seem to be conflicting and confusing.

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Block Title in rotation form theming the Drupal block

Hello friend,

I would like to theme my View block in the following type.

Only local images are allowed.

Image not shown in the post Please see the following image link

Please help me to prepare my block for looking the upper shown form using *.css template or other way...please help be friends...

Thanking you for the same


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Select fields from the different table in drupal

i am new bee in drupal development

i have the list of departmenets with the code number adn it address as following

001- purchase 002- transport 003- catering


as like that in each field fileds like address, contact no etc

now need one in which the select list of department shows the select list of 001,002,003 etc

but when i select the list 002- the details would be typed like address, contact etc into particular segments in that node...

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What is the status of Skinr for Drupal 7?

We've all heard great things about Fusion and Skinr. I've been visiting the project pages every few weeks for almost a year now eagerly waiting for a Drupal 7.x release. said we could expect Fusion and Skinr to be ready for Drupal 7 in December 2010. However says that Skinr 7.x "is not stable, functional, or supported right now... so we strongly advise that it only be used for testing purposes at this point."

It appears that no changes have been made since July.

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Bolting Fusion goodies into Skinr2

I started out today to take a look at the Fusion theme and noticed references to the skinr module. After looking at the skinr module section and the reference to Skinr2 dev version I downloaded it and had some fun making a few skins. Quickly I realized there were some things that were part of Fusion theme which were quite cool and would be useful if they were part of Skinr and if they worked better. So I both fixed the issues and bolted them into my copy of Skinr2.

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Drupal Developer - Lead Front End Architect | TopNotchThemes

Employment type: 
Full time
Employment type: 

How would you like to have a major role in shaping a theme framework used by over 15,000 people?

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Skin Catagories

I am really excited about the skin set feature in skinr 2.0 and and wondering how everyone is thinking they will use it.

With skinr 1.5 I tended to create 2 types of skins:



  • My everyday set - These were common elements I used all the time, such as rounded corners, menu styles, typographical changes, etc...
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    Themes using Skinr

    List of contributed themes that use or support the Skinr module. This is a wiki page so please add to this list if you know of other projects using Skinr.

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    "Skinr settings weren't saved due to an error."

    I've got a site that uses a sub-theme of Fusion (and thus skinr for additional theming).

    Whenever I try to create a block with a Block Description and have text in the Block Body I get the error "Skinr settings weren't saved due to an error." and indeed, the skinr settings are not saved. However, if I create a block with only a Block Description initially, or when I edit an existing block to add text to the Block Body, the skinr settings are saved without issue.

    Could someone shed some light on exactly what this error means so that I can try to chase down the problem?

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    Skinr 6.x-2.x-dev is severely broken

    Skinr 6.x-2.x-dev is severely broken for more than two weeks, since the dev release from 2010-Jul-11 (Issue 856768).

    Is someone looking into this, or should we stop using/testing the dev release?

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    Drupal Dojo sessions: Sustainable Theming with Fusion

    2010-06-01 12:30 - 13:30 America/New_York
    Event type: 
    Online meeting (eg. IRC meeting)

    Don't theme yourself into a corner. We built Fusion after years of feedback from designers, site builders, clients, and developers. It's a powerful and supported base theme, with layout and style configuration options built in that you (or your clients) can control through Drupal's UI using the Skinr module. Based on a simplified 960px or fluid 12 or 16-column grid, you can easily define your own custom grid if needed.

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    problem with creating subtheme of acquia_marina-6.x-3.0-alpha2

    I copied the whole folder of acquia_marina-6.x-3.0-alpha2, and renamed it as my_acquia_marina, and modified the .info as following.

    The problem is: in the theme setting page of my subtheme( admin/build/themes/settings/my_acquia_marina ),

    I do not have: Fusion theme settings fieldset anymore !!!

    Any idea why?


    ; $Id: $

    name = My Acquia Marina
    description = My Acquia Marina is a subtheme of Acquia Marina
    base theme = acquia_marina
    core = 6.x
    engine = phptemplate

    regions[sidebar_first] = sidebar first

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    DCSF Session: Theming with Skinr

    If you missed the session, the video is up here:

    Also, here are the slides and the 960 Grid System skins as promised. Enjoy :D

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