Importing CSV data into Drupal 6 CCK content types

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I have converted an MSSQL export to MySQL. Exported to CSV for import. Are their any field mapping tools for Drupal or am I doomed to write my own script?

Thanks in advance.


There are field mapping modules.

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You can use the Node Import Module( to import that csv. Feeds( will also import from csv and can be used to update nodes after they have been imported.



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You might find this comparison table useful:
Comparison of Content and User Import and Export Modules


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Thanks for all the help. With a little data manipulation, I think Node Import, and User Import will work. The trickiest piece is importing a one-to-many node reference from a lookup table in the source database.

Mike Bosworth
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There is also the wonderful

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There is also the wonderful migrate module which supports relationships using skeleton entities then filling them out later - great documentation but a bit of a learning curve.

Importing multi row CSV data values into a single node

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I am working on a project that requires data from a .csv file with multiple rows of data to be imported into a single drupal node using drupal 6. For example a .csv file will contain 2 unique columns and Xnumber of unique rows. After the import is complete the Data needs to be displayed in table format with with each row of the .csv file corresponding to a single row in the drupal node.

I tried using the node_import module but instead of importing all rows of the .csv file into a single node it created a node for each row in the .csv file.

more detail:

.csv file contains these two rows which are essentially 2 unique records:



The data should be imported into a single drupal node containing the fields:

The Output (preferably using views)

  1. record1_valueA------record1_valueB
  2. record2_valueA------record2_valueB

Can anyone point me into the right direction?


my 2 cents here

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Hey Clif,

multiple rows of data to be imported into a single drupal node

If I understand you correctly you do not need in fact anything Drupal specific here. If I need to solve task like this I would make all conversion with other tool - bash script, php script - and then put data into a node manually or via simple drupal API call.

So, point of my message is - Ii believe you do not need to use Drupal-based tool to perform conversion.