Open Enterprise distro beta launch for D7

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Wanted to let anyone interested know that we just launched the Open Enterprise distribution for Drupal 7 into beta. It has come a long way since the distro (iSite Essentials) we launched back in 2008. I would love to get any thoughts or input.

We reworked the distro for D7 to include a streamlined base installation of essential modules and site building that are popular in most sites. We leverage Apps to install more advanced optional features like blogs, job board, rotating banner, etc.

The distro is targeted for businesses and non-profits. In particular those that want to use their site as the hub for a growing digital footprint. The base installation is actually a pretty good start for practically any kind of Drupal site.

One of our main goals was usability. A lot of base modules are focused on simplifying Drupal's admin.

We only have a few apps right now, but are working hard on additional features popular on organizational sites such as FAQs, events calendars, press room, whitepapers, portfolio manager and so on.

You can download it here.

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I like the app ideas. Wasn't too thrilled when it asked me to make sites and everything underneath it have 777 permissions. Not very secure. May want to make that sites/all/modules. I know it's still in beta but switching themes to jackson made the text go all over the place.

Good luck on this.

Thanks for the input

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The 777 permission issue is a part of the apps module. We actually patched it yesterday so it works properly but have not updated the distro yet. It will be in beta 2.

Themeing best practices are something we are still working on.

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