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Hi All,
We are making a zeda drupal profile with a easy to use business directory and art market. Then a drupalgardens type site for so someone could easily start a zeda for there town or area. i see how to set up the site with PHP to add the site to sites/all/ i just do not see how to set up the sub directory on the server do i need to use .cgi to do this?

also any pros or cons on WA/OR based for hosting.




I've only set up a multi-site

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I've only set up a multi-site install once for testing, but what I understand is that you would actually want to put your configs in sites/ The directory within sites should be the domain name the Drupal should match to the files in that folder. You also shouldn't need another install, you'd just create a new database or the same database with a different prefix.

More info is at



Thanks James

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i should of caught that of course each site will need it's own settings.php file. i have it fig out i need to pull the code out of a server control panel like (are there any server admin's out there who use an open source control panel like i would love to hear what You like the best:)

i need to make a profile for a human nature trap. If You have studied "The psychology of a website" You know the importance of "human nature traps" like what would be the hnt of "Alex Jones" or "Wikileaks" or the clearest one of all the "porn industry" You need to identify and nurture hnt's for a successful site. And zeda has many one being competition if Portland wins "best zeda on Earth" with the dynamic that this is All done by Portland coders and designers all of the sudden You catch the eye of the Design capital of the world "Paris France" and they start thinking "hold up Portland! You haven't see anything yet check out our site" designed and coded by Paris France that competition hnt is what i am looking for. So i want a drupal profile also that cities could use for a starting point.

Sorry i ramble on, Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! and no disrespect to my Native American Brothers and Sister's we can not change the past but we can change the future.