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Hi All,

I am working on a price comparison project and we planned to do this in drupal. But please help me to solve my issues..

I will brief my requirements.

  1. Feed collection and processing:

- receive XML feeds from various product vendors(Amazon, yahooshopping etc) in predefined formats, clean/transform, then load into a catalog DB.

  1. Catalog:
    – display listings of the products in various ways: by category, title, price range, most popular, etc.

  2. Price Comparison Table:
    –generate a price comparison table of all suppliers of that product.

  3. Tracking:
    – tracking #views/#clicks per product, category, and supplier (Need to track users every actions in our site.)

  4. Search:
    – simple keyword search resulting in a list of matching products.

My main problem is with the first point. I need feeds from almost 10 product vendors. How can I get all those api? How can I load into my website? Is there any module for this? Or any idea to customize this..

Please help me to solve this issues.. :(


Vendor catalogs

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I can't help you with the Drupal part, but I can tell you something of the current business practices.

Many vendors already provide catalogs to ERP and Procurement systems for shopping, often using a CSV template with common fields that apply to all products and services, or customized for particular industries or product types. Ariba has done a lot to standardize electronic catalogs, and the use of the UNSPSC category coding scheme has become commonplace enough to be able to expect it of vendors. You might be able to get CSV files from vendors that come pre-coded to a common category scheme.

Ted Spencer
Addison Spencer Consulting LLC

Use the feeds and the

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Use the feeds and the feeds_xpathparser modules which will allow you to bring in content to allow which will allow you to do the price comparisons.

The feeds module will most likely import everything, except I found that the http fetcher only loads to memory so some of these files you may need to import using a cron job and then get feeds to process it using the file fetcher.


Gordon Heydon

Thanks Gordon and

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Thanks Gordon and Bunthorne,

Is it possible to control vendor's product in our site if we are using feeds module? I want to control (Need to disable some products and need to track all actions) vendor's product in my site. Also I want to create my own products in my site. Is it possible to bring all this together ?

Thanks for all your help...!

Once they are brought in they

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Once they are brought in they will be standard nodes (if you choose to do that) and then you can edit, or add your own products as needed.

Gordon Heydon

item key

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If you need an item key, use the Supplier/Vendor ID, Suppler Part ID, and the Supplier Auxiliary Part ID (if used), and keep track of item updates (versions) with a timestamp.

Ted Spencer
Addison Spencer Consulting LLC

Thanks guys...! I am confused

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Thanks guys...!

I am confused with feeds and how to bring it to my site :( ... I will try out this and get back to you soon... Thanks for all your help..

How to get Merchant details from the xml?

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Hi Gordon,

I have created products using the xml. Thanks for your help... Can you please tell me how can I import the merchants details from the feed? I don find any tags related to merchants in my xml. How can I get the merchants details?

This is what I was searching

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This is what I was searching a very long back, later we built our own modules to do this.

price comparison

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the solutions with the feeds module or xml do rather seem to be cumbersome, the other solution
is to create a catalogue and update the prices manually. Quite some work but a way to go for the
less-technical minded.

Another possibility perhaps is to change the field of business and create a relay service, like

On this side, you have quite stable prices (which are maintained by inhouse Customer Services)
and connecting restaurants and final customers. Nice alternative if you pondered about leaving the affiliate concept.

Price Comparison websites

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Price Comparison websites obtain the products data from the affiliate networks or directly from the retailer and present on their websites that makes is easier for the customer to search and compare the product they wish to purchase from multiple buyers on one website. Price Comparison UK is a good example of an affiliate price comparison website designed by iLead Digital where you can compare prices for products and services. Contact for your issue, I assure it will be resolved in short turnaround time.

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