Build a mentored training in Edinburgh

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I'd like to run a one-day, mentored, video based training session, possibly as a part of next years Drupalcamp.

I think we'd need 5 or more mentors, ideally with diverse skills so we can help with a variety of questions. If you're willing to volunteer as a mentor, please leave a comment here.

If we get enough volunteers, we can look into how we could run this with the Drupalcamp or run it more independantly. Either way we would need to find somewhere to run it and work out a date near enough to the drupalcamp so that it doesn't interfere with the sessions, but could still be considered a part of the event. After that, would take care of the actual training and we just answer any questions that come up.

The videos on have been collected together to cover the following topics:

  • Site Building
  • Drupal Development and Module Building
  • Drupal Theming
  • Version Control and Code Workflow (in progress)

and there is videos for both Drupal 6 and Drupal 7 versions of these, so there is plenty to choose from.

The idea would be to have a theme for the session so that everyone is generally following one track, but there would be no reason that all tracks could be covered by the one event, depending on who wants to learn what.

The site offers solutions to the following issues:

  • My organization is using Drupal and we need training
  • I am a PHP developer and need to learn Drupal
  • I am building a web site from scratch in Drupal and need help
  • I am a Drupal 6 developer and need to upgrade to 7
  • My boss needs me to learn Drupal, but there's no time
  • I am a web designer and need to learn how to theme

So I think we could easily drum up interest from outside the drupal community, if we advertised it properly which would ultimately raise the profile of Drupal, the Drupalcamp and Drupal Scotland, hardly a bad thing.


I also thought of running a

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I also thought of running a more informal session in the next couple of months to see how it works and possible get any potential mentors to try it out, so they know what to expect. I would be looking a getting 5-10 people together and hold it more like a roundtable, were we can mentor each other where necessary.


Happy to help

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I'd be interested in helping out. Are you intending D6, D7 or both.

Thanks Paul

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Thanks Paul,

For the main session, I thought I would keep it simple and advertise the D7 site builder, but the option is there, as its a video library, for attendees to do a mix of sessions. The only reason to try to get a number of people doing the same course would be to ensure there is enough support for them in the form of mentors.

The other sessions that have run at other camps have called the training something like "Drupal 7 Site Building and More".


UoE will support this

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Information Services at the University of Edinburgh would be happy to support this event by providing a venue and refreshments. This would probably be in the Main Library as we can offer training rooms with PCs and meeting rooms for people to use their own computer as well as plentiful wifi access.

Fantastic news

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Thanks Alex,

I was going to ask IS or the UoE, if there would be a way the facilities could be hired out. You have always been so supportive of the drupal community.

I was planning to get an idea of numbers and whether the idea actually had any legs before seriously looking into possible venues, so this really is fantastic news.


There is a current proposal

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There is a current proposal circulating that the last friday of the month become Drupal Co-working Friday ( & My suggestion would be that we jump in on this band-wagon and organise something locally that could also host the intro session of the mentored training program.

The first DCF would be 27th January, 2012. How does that sound?



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It may be difficult for me to get time off work because we have a release around that time. The weekend would be no problem.

No problem

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It was just a thought, can have it run at the weekend if that is more suitable for you.


Oh yes - weekend sounds much better.

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I think most are working hard from Monday to Friday.

sounds good

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Great ideas... Re the training, I'd be very happy to get involved - If The University of Edinburgh are offering to host the event, that sounds ideal.
Re the co-working day, I've wanted to do something like that for a while. It's amazing what can be gained from having other Drupal people around, and I do miss this being self-employed. Where would a co-working event be held?

Better get something organised

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Hey Pete,

I suppose I had better get something organised for this. The co-working event will have to be something separate as the weekend is looking more likely for the initial training session.

How is everyone fixed for the 28th January. The mentors will get together and hold a session, where we will get to review the material and discuss the things that might come up.

If there is 4 or 5 of us interested then that's probably enough to hold a sizeable event at the drupalcamp, so fore-warned is fore-armed.


28th is good for me.

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28th is good for me.

28th sounds good

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28th sounds good.
Bring it on!

Hi there, I just moved to

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Hi there, I just moved to Edinburgh and would love to join the coworking day and other meetups (new to Drupal, so not the mentoring initiative ;)

Welcome FancyOne

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If you want to come along to the training session you would be more than welcome, you could get to meet some of the "locals" and it looks like you could get loads of mentoring through a training event and it would probably benefit the mentors to have "new to drupal" perspective.

I'll start another post regarding the co-working day as I have had some movement on that too, but it's still slightly too early to mention anything definite.



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Thanks! So is 28th a training session? If it's something that requires a lot of experience than I don't want to be in the way:) I've worked with many cmses in the past but I'm new to Drupal.

training session

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Hi there,

Similarly to FancyOne I am also inexperienced using Drupal and only infact hold basic experience using DotNetNuke and Joomla.

Would be great if session included training which was tailored to beginners but if not I'm afraid I might be a bit out of my depth. If so I would love to come along and find out a bit more. Is there a registration process?


registration form?

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yes where is the registration for the 28th?

Registration form

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Not quite a form, but you can sign up

You also need to send me your email address or username. D.o contact form should sort that one out.


Training in Glasgow

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Would anyone be interested in a similar training event in Glasgow?

At the moment, we're thinking about hosting at Caledonian University on March 31st?

Any thoughts or expressions of interest welcome.

Hi Paul! Please let me know

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Hi Paul!

Please let me know if you begin the process of organizing this and I'll add it to the Mentored Training calendar.


Chris Shattuck
Learn Drupal with over 1700 Drupal video tutorials

Actual training session

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It probably should be pointed out that the Glasgow event will be an actual mentored training event, rather than the mentors get together that the last event was.

If you are new to Drupal or you fall into one of the target categories ie.

My organization is using Drupal and we need training
I am a PHP developer and need to learn Drupal
I am building a web site from scratch in Drupal and need help
I am a Drupal 6 developer and need to upgrade to 7
My boss needs me to learn Drupal, but there's no time
I am a web designer and need to learn how to theme

and you live closer to Glasgow than to Edinburgh or you want some mentored training within the next couple of months, then this will be the event for you.


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