theme css not loading

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hi all,

i have created a project. in that project theme css not loading. Default css file automatically created in /sites/default/file/css, this file css only loading in my page. if i delete the css file again it create a same css file. i am using the following modules
* panels
* ctools
* views
* cck

what is the problem? hoe do i solve this problem..


Check css optimization

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Hi Sanmugam,

Check the css optimization is disabled in performace page.

CSS not loading

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Once you add new css file to your project at that time you need to check 2 things.

1) Add file name in .info file.

2) Clear the cache after adding it into .info file from performance page.

Hope it helps.

You are enabled css

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You are enabled css compression through admin > Settings > Performance, so the compressed css file is creating at sites/default/files/css directory and the same file is loading.

If you disable the css compression, you can see all the css files from drupal core, contributed modues and theme.

The css compressor will combine all the css files from drupal core, contributed modules and themes and create a compressed file in sites/default/files/css.

When you are developing, disable the css compression, when you deploy on production server, enable css compression.

Thank you

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Thank you

you might be using theme like

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you might be using theme like garland in which you change your color configuration. Such type of theme creates their own CSS file when you make changes to color or other configuration. First provide us information that which theme you are using and from which base theme you have started to make your theme.

i enabled css compression

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Hi all,

 yes i enabled css compression in admin > Settings > Performance, i disabled the css compression, now the themes and module css loading..

i really thanks to all for helping ..

you answer is my salvation

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you answer is my salvation thx

Adding menu link causing this error

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When i try to add a menu link under any of the menu such as main menu, user menu, etc.,
I tried disabling and enabling all the options under performance and also tried clearing cache for all operations but it still not loading only on the menu link add page.
Please help, it would be appreciated.


met the Same question

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But want to know how open optimize and load the css!


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I am try to create new submitting form drupal 7 but am not able to migrate css but not loading css current site


Alok Mishra
Software Engineer' Drupal
Skyp- alok.mishra67

for admin panel css/js not working

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Hi All, My front end works fine, I am using drupal 8. but for some of the pages in back end is not working. like block settings page is fine but view page does not have css or js. please respond

Maybe file permission issue

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For whom may run into this problem: it's can be an simple file permission issue, check if permission and ownership are correct for your files and folders


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