The Boston Initiative: Game plan for Dec. 6 meetup

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December 6th will be the third meetup leading up to Drupalcon Denver where we dedicate one hour, from 6:30 to 7:30, to learning about and contributing to Drupal core.

In October, we proved it’s possible to get a large number of people--newbies, veterans, non-coders and coders--who have never worked the Drupal’s core issue queue up and running, making meaningful contributions in one hour. In November, we tried dividing the group into 'unconference' style breakout groups, so people on different steps in the Drupal ladder can focus on learning about or working on things that are more interesting to them. The breakout group format got a lot of positive feedback, so I think we should continue with that again this month.

Please arrive a little before 6:30 so we can get started on time. If you know how to install Drupal on your laptop, please arrive with a working copy of Drupal 8, download git, zip, or tarball. (If you don't know how, that's okay. We'll help you get set up when you arrive.)

If you participated in the Boston Initiative in October or November, and you've got a little bit of time before tomorrow evening's meetup, please consider helping prep for tomorrow's meeting in one of two ways:

(A) Before tomorrow at 6:30pm find an issue in the Drupal Issue Queue you're interested in working on, and a related How To document on the Drupal Ladder. Then offer to lead a small, 2-3 person breakout group tomorrow to get a few other people helping to work on this issue.

(B) Help our group make the most of our 60 minute activity by spending a little time looking through the Drupal Issue Queue and identifying issues that would be appropriate Boston Initiative type issues. When you find appropriate issues, please tag them Boston Initiative.


Drupal 8?

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I didn't realize that the 8 source code was publicly available yet. And I can't find it at The highest version number I can find at the download page is 7.10. Where should I go to download Drupal 8?

get it at git

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You can get the current 8 code by downloading the drupal git repository

git clone --branch 8.x drupal-8

These and similar instructions can be found on the "Version Control" tab of any Dupal project including core.

Any Specs

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Is there any place to find general and/or technical specs to familiarize ourselves with just what the major new features Drupal 8 is going to include?

IDE Help

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Is there any way to get assistance setting up an IDE to assist in contrib? Maybe have people show up a half hour early in January if they are interested?

A few months ago I tried about 4 or 5 different IDE's to help me build my first module. I wanted to be able to step into core and see what was going on as well as see what arrays and variable were available that I could use. My attempts were frustrated by things like Eclipse's PDF wasn't yet ready, etc. And I ended up giving up. My system is Windows 7, but I'm guessing that if I'm having this trouble, so are many others and a lot of people might find this useful. It would make the BI sessions more productive and people more able to contribute.



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