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web apps vs phone apps

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THEORY: Two big shifts are underway and worth noting in current related trends.

One shift regards hardware. One shift regards software.

  1. Emergence of hardware color touch mobile devices that are cheap readers with wifi and browsers.


  1. Emergence of rich web apps where authoring via color touch on such tablets would be HUGE source of bonus usage.

eg,,, etc.

IMHO, web apps like these are WAY better than phone apps. If you want a list of reasons why, just ask. Gracias.

CONCLUSION: Integrating Drupal 7 and Mobile Web App Services is BIG emerging biz need.

Jeremy Donson
Database and Systems Engineer
New York City

This is not appropriate for

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This is not appropriate for devops

I worked with some (maybe)

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I worked with some (maybe) big Drupal Websites, such as,, I suggest to use Boost + ajaxblocks to static the content as possible as you can, then fast your server, such as use Varnish, APC, Memcached.
Besides, understand the modules you are using, or you will be in trouble if you are in a big project.

I started a blog which is about Hi-Perf Drupal Website, please see my signature. (in Chinese)