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You are viewing a wiki page. You are welcome to join the group and then edit it. Be bold! - An AJAX crop on upload tool for ImageField - Bulk image uploader (works for ImageField) - upload a zip file with images (at the moment only D5) - upload a zip file to an imagefield (D6 only). - has a component to import images - allows upload of images, insert images as content inline - similar to image assist, inline images & resizing - drag-and-drop for images, java support ... - D5 stable, D6 stable, works with core upload module for simplicity - supports filefield and imagefield - files need to be in the files directory and it picks up the filename from a csv - simulates a bit the wordpress image into content integration (with resizing and thumbnails) - provides a mass-import page that allows server-side directories of media to be imported or zipped, bzipped or gzipped archives to be uploaded and imported as image nodes.
these all have some image upload functions
(and there are some more with similar functions)


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