This group should probably have more organizers. See documentation on this recommendation.

At its core, image handling also deals with files, so the FileAPI SIG will have content of related interest.

A few of the image handling items to discuss include: file storage, derivatives (thumbnails, resizing), image manipulation (cropping, watermarking, etc.), galleries, CCK image node.

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Image Module: Image Styles: Need to set image width to 100%

I have spent over two hours tonight searching the Drupal site, and Groups, especially this one, to no avail. My last resort is to create this discussion.

I have a Content Type with an image field defined. I am able to apply an image style to this if I wish, using Image Styles. However, Image Styles only allows specification of width and height in pixels. How can I set width=100%?

All help gratefully received.



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Photographic Blog homepage: Is there Drupal module that can do this?

This site's homepage is displaying nodes chronologically using images from the latest posts. The mouseover displays summary text. Clean and dramatic design for a image-intensive blog site. But also appears to be a sluggish.

Already checked. Not a drupal site.

Is there a drupal module that can approximate this? This would be godsend for photographers and/or travelers posting constantly.

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Drupal 7 image field operations remove / disable

I have an ordinary image field which I use to load images into my nodes.

Under operations there is the option to remove the image from the node. When I do this, the image is not only removed from the node but also from the server. I'd like to keep it on the server though because I want to access this image via my CKEditor. I have searched for hours but couldn't find a way to just remove the image from the node but keep it on the server.

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Ajax problems for upload images??


I have a image field in my Drupal 7 site, registered users have problems for upload images... Circle for ajax while it's loading never disappears, however, the image has been uploaded but ajax is not working properly.

Admin user don't have this problem. Only it happens for registered users..

Any suggestions? Thank so much!


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How to do a magazine style layout short

What I wanted to do was be able to layout images on a page in such a way that I could control the placement and size. I couldn't reallly find anything on this for Drupal 7. This will only work for one image size and image per node, but that was all I needed. However in panels you will be able to combine images. You will need to know how to work with panels, views, and fields (core) for this.

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Avoiding creation of duplicate images during node image upload

Using D7, image cache is enabled

I have a content type "promotions" that contains an image field, among other fields. Users upload an image using the standard "choose file - upload" which comes pre-installed with D7.

However, we often need the same image for multiple promotions. When uploading, Drupal duplicates the image and stores them as


even though they're exactly the same image (filesize, name & all)

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DICOM image support?

I'm wondering if anyone in the Drupal community has been pioneering support for the DICOM (medical) image format. From some preliminary googling, there seems to be a PHP Imagemagick library that can do conversions, etc. (

I'm working on a program that needs to store/process these images for display in a web browser, as part of a web app geared towards facilitating Ultrasound reporting. Any help or info in this avenue would be greatly appreciated!

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Images not loading

I'm new to Drupal, so my wording and knowledge might be off. My problem is that I'm using some images for the design of my site and they are not showing up. I'm using Dev Desktop and Drupal 7. The ones in my css are showing up, but not the ones in the page.tpl.php are not. Is there a special location where I need to put my image folder or path that I need to create. Right now I have it in the sites/all/themes/myTheme folder.

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Any effect of image view which supports comments??

Hi, thanks to all by reading this: I´m working with drupal 6, I explain you:

I show the uploaded images of a particular content with thumbnails, when I do click at the thumbnail it takes you to the route of the image (thumbnails linked to image). What I want to do is to show the full image and write comments down of it. Like FACEBOOK IMAGE MODULE.

Is there any effect or any way to make this?

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Bulk upload of photos as nodes related to a gallery

I'm close to concluding that D7 is a nonstarter for a project that I have in mind. Please tell me I'm wrong. Here's what I want:

  1. Images are nodes, so they can be commented, nodequeued, RSS'ed, etc. This seems pretty straightforward.

  2. Galleries are nodes so they, too, can have all the node goodness. Images contain references to their parent galleries. This, too, seems pretty straightforward.

  3. Bulk upload of images, creating their nodes and assigning them to their parent galleries. [FAIL]

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How to attach already uploaded images to nodes, limiting the sources

Hi all, just a quick help needed about attaching images to nodes. I'm using D7 and have a custom content type with a mandatory image field, configured with a default image to be used, in case the user uploads none. So far it's OK, but apart from these 2 situations, I need to integrate a middle one: if a user has no image to upload, he/she must be able to choose between some 8 or 10 pre-selected images, available on the server and shown on the node edif form as thumbnails.

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Creating a derivative image with perspective effect

I'm working on a project where I need to append user submitted images to a specific background image as an overlay. The challenge that I have is that I need to add a slight perspective effect in addition to the overlay (i.e. a slight angle to the original picture to be used as an overlay to take into account the shape of the background image). Please see the example images attached below for the outcome I am trying to get. The original overlay image is a user submitted design that I would append at the back of a laptop screen.

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Image Gallery per User

I've started trying to figure out a way for users to create their own galleries. Basically, they need to be able to create an Album, then upload images. Seems simple enough task for Drupal, but I haven't really found anything that meets this need very easily. Lots of options with modules and config and views but not sure...

Any suggestion for Image Galleries per User?


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I miss image nodes in Drupal 7 - how to deal with imagefield?

I'm very much used to have images as nodes in Drupal 6, never found a use of the CCK image_field stuff. Now, the nodes are no longer and I have to deal with image_field.

Any hints on how to adapt to this new kind?

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Profile image galleries feeding community galleries

Ok, I am outside of my element on this one. I am working on a project where I have created custom profiles with advanced profile kit and I have added a gallery using CCK Image. I am creating separate galleries BUT these galleries will be fed from the profile gallery images. Basically all I need is for the user to have a dropdown where they select the gallery they want their image to show up in. I figured I could do this with taxonomy or something like it. Any ideas of a module combo that would allow me to do this?

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Image management, ACDSee, F-spot, Shotwell, DigiKam, IrfanView

ACDSee, F-spot, Shotwell, DigiKam, and IrfanView all provide some sort of image management from basic to Pro. None of them work on the Web. I looked for an equivalent based on Drupal for flexibility and found nothing. I wrote file/image management applications before Drupal, ported some to D4, D5, D6, and am looking to start again in D7. Is this the right group to discuss image management?

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Automatic Image Creation

I'm working on something for a project involving automatically generated images and am at the conceptual stage. I would appreciate input on modules, tools, or code I should look into to implement the below. Thanks!

I would like to to automatically generate images from information from nodes. The source information will come from CCK fields in those nodes and will include both text and images.

For example, let's say a node includes the following information (---denotes an image file):
Title: A Node
Image: ---Picture 1---
Image 2: ---Picture 2---

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Imagefield issue

My apologies if this isn’t the appropriate place to post this but this issue is a deal killer for us right now and I want to see what solutions are out there

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Server side image manipulation / replacement of imagefield files using imageapi functions

As anyone done any work on an idea such as this? I have a few images that need minor cropping or rotation and it is a pain to have to modify and re-upload the files, especially when using ImageField Extended that stores a lot of additional information against the original file (ImageField does not have a replace function!)

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A special type of gallery-browsing view

Some modules like Image Assist, Image Browser, etc. support plugging custom views to refine the way uploaded images are browsed through. In all cases the browser will show a thumbnail of images and when the user click on one, it will be inserted into an WYSWYG editor for example. The problem is if you have hundreds of images, having them listed on one level (even though presented in pages) tends to be very cumbersome to work with.

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