Geo Sprints/BoFs at DrupalCon Denver?

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There aren't yet any geospatial-related sprints or BoFs on the schedule for DrupalCon Denver yet.

Anyone interested in doing a geo sprint?
I'm thinking of something more substantive than just an hour-long BoF.

Topic possibilities? We could come in with a few initiatives that people have decided they could lead, and let folks self-select what they'd like to work on...


unfortunately, i won't be

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unfortunately, i won't be attending drupalcon denver, but anyways i'm very interested on getting some push into geospatial drupal.

the only session on mapping i'm aware of is lx_barth and ericgundersen from developmentseed presenting their mapbox stack. i guess it won't really touch topics like openlayers, geofield, but it might be a good point to discuss how drupal could handle maps in better way, as devseed brings a lot of knowledge in the field.

a great topic, i'd like to propose is evaluating the big and mighty but heavy openlayers module vs. for example the new kid on the block leaflet + how & if we should build a generic mapping framework like

i also would like to mention that in april, there is frontent united in amsterdam which i will be attending. i am in contact with the organizers and they say that they are "working on finding the right combination of sessions regarding mapping. A few people have suggested mapping sessions".


Definitely interested in a mapping BoF

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The ThinkShout team is excited to connect with folks on mapping at the Con. We've done a lot of work with zzolo on OpenLayers and are the maintainers of the Leaflet module. (Check out a Leaflet, Geofield, Feeds/GeoJSON, MapBox, responsive design project that we just completed at

Plz ping @sean_larkin and @levelos on Twitter once folks get sorted out in Denver and want to connect.

With respect to topics, we're primarily interested in the core modules that can provide the heavy lifting for building out mapping tools. We're a bit less interested in developing GUI tools for managing map configurations. While we've got a few clients who absolutely love the power of the OpenLayers UI, most of the time we don't need those admin tools. We're in more desperate need for the underlying tools like GeoPHP and mapping API modules

Excited to chat more!


Expanding on the session of

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Expanding on the session of Eric and myself, I'd love to host / get involved in a BoF to talk about

I'd love to attend such a

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I'd love to attend this Bof. There is not enough mapping content at drupalcon, I'm sure there are many others that feel the same. Your session is going to be packed, and another mapping Bof will be something we all want.

Definitely interested in BOF

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Hi Alex,

Very interested in this BOF. Wanted to talk about using a mapping interface for systems that are not explicitly tied to an existing location. I think the natural interface and experience that users have with the mapping concept, ie: dragging side to side and drilling down to more detail would be really useful for other uses beyond just mapping geographic locations. For example what about custom tiles of a building layout, or a map of a ficitonal place, allowing a user to zoom in on the circuits of a motherboard, etc. Have you given any thought to this? Is that something we could chat about in Denver? Thanks.


Dustin, We've gone a little

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We've gone a little in this direction with the frontpage of our latest design

Happy to talk more in Denver.

That sounds great. I'll try

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That sounds great. I'll try and track you down in Denver at the BOF or at the table you're sharing with Phase2. I look forward to meeting you.

I registered a site building

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I registered a site building w/ MapBox TileMill maps BoF for Wed 1PM [1].


We're in more desperate need for the underlying tools like GeoPHP and mapping API modules

Would love to see some Leaflet etc. action, too. @seanberto - want to lead a Drupal mapping API BoF?

this sounds great

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I'll follow you on twitter, too , I'm @gurlinthewurld ... thanks for sharing this info, all! kath

started following both of you

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started following both of you too:)

count me in

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I'd like to also discuss GeoServer and GeoWebCache as well, if any others are interested.


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Awesome - looking forward to this!