Enhancing Drupal Quiz Module

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Project information

Project Page : http://drupal.org/project/quiz
Project Ideas : (View/Download)
Student : Sivaji Ganesh (sivaji on d.o, sivaji on g.d.o)
Mentor : Matt Butcher (mbutcher on d.o, mbutcher on g.d.o)
Co-mentor(s) :
Local mentor(s) : Shyamala (shyamala on d.o, shyamala on g.d.o)

Current Status : Working on quiz Students Dashboard


I would like to introduce some new features and tweaks to an already existing drupal quiz module (http://drupal.org/project/quiz). These features would make it more robust, feature rich and user friendly. This project aims at improving the usability of Drupal in e-Learning domain.

The overall idea of this project is to turn an existing quiz module into an academically oriented quiz engine for use in Drupal based e-Learning websites.

The existing Quiz modules is still fairly basic. Before it can really be considered a competitive tool for administering academic quizzes, it needs a robust and polished set of features. That's what my GSoC project is about. Taking a GOOD but basic project and making it into a GREAT project.

Project schedule

April 23 - May 1: Community Bonding Period
1. Working on current quiz dev version to understand the internals (hooks, trigger/actions, APIs etc) of quiz.
2. Interacting with mbutcher in IRC freenode.net #drupal-quiz regarding #1
3. Reading issue queues to understand the things that users expect to have in quiz module.
4. Fax my Student Certification and Proof of Enrolment to Google

May 10 - May 30
1. Quiz results notification over E-mail
2. Quiz questions import/export
2.1 CSV import has been done and commited
2.2 Have to work on Aiken format.
[The above mentioned features have been ported to quiz 3.x beta]

June 1 - June 12 :
Quiz questions Import/Export (will support all the six questions type)

June 14 - June 25 :
Quiz Results Import/Export

June 27 - July 10 :
Quiz Admin Dashboard

July 12 - July 25 :
Quiz Students Dashboard

July 27 - August 5

August 6 - August 15
Ajaxifying quiz

August 17
submitting a tarball of GSoC code to google

This project is being evaluated by Matt Butcher (mbutcher) beginning Aug. 14.

The project has met and exceeded every one of the stated goals for GSOC 2009. Go ahead and turn HEAD into a tarball for Google. Keep fixing bugs as you find them.