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I am mainly going to use NS2 for Newspaper production purposes, and i got the feeling that i am missing something.
It has come to my attention that NS Newspaper has been separated from NS core -

Excactly what does that mean ?
I had the option to install the Newspaper production during the setup, and yet it tells me that the App is not installed (the Blog app is)
Has it been separated from 7.x-2.0-alpha8 or will it be separated from 7.x-2.0-alpha9 or later?

Will i be using NS 2 and then extending it through the NS Newspaper App, or through the ns_prod_news?
Or is it the same thing?

Thank you for an awesome product btw :)


Hi! We are in the process of

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We are in the process of separating the products (NodeStream blog, NodeStream newspaper and RSS) into their own projects in order to make the projects more maintainable and easier to deal with. NodeStream 2 alpha9 will come with NodeStream newspaper separated from NS Core, but it will still be in the package.

The blog app is a separate app that can be installed beside the newspaper if you want a blog.

//Fabian Sörqvist

Thank you

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For a quick reply :)

It leaves me with one more question:
Whats the clever thing to do - I installed ns_prod_news as an app - should i disable it, or start creating newspaper content through it?
Or will it make use of ns_prod_news and merge it with ns_web_news in alpha9?

Alpha 9 will contain an

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Alpha 9 will contain an update hook that will change the old newspaper feature into the new one, it should just be a matter of running update.php or run drush updatedb through drush.

In theory, you should be able to use ns_prod_news already together with alpha8, just keep in mind that it will be bundled in the nodestream package (present in nodestream/modules) in the next release, and you might have to remove it when you upgrade.

//Fabian Sörqvist