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Successors to Open Publish?

Since Phase2 has unceremoniously dumped Open Publish, what are some alternative distributions for publishers?

1) Nodemaker --
Started with promise -- especially since it was tied to the launch of ThemeGeeks, Himerus' premium Omega theme company.
Sadly, Nodemaker has seen almost no development since about the same time Phase2 gave up on OP.
Also, Theme Geeks hasn't launched yet. It was supposed to launch this time last year. Best thing about Nodemaker was that it was Omega based -- so it fit fairly nicely with OP.

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Rich Snippets support Nodestream

I am trying microdata and modules for rich snippets.But I can't make.Is there a plan for support rich snippets or any patch for nodestream.

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Keeping NodeStream up to par with the developments.

Hello everybody,

I am a novice Drupal user. I actually started out in Drupal 6 and the book "Using Drupal". Installed a Marinelli theme and was testing a while. But testing while traveling constantly is not a very good option.

Now I am in a situation where I am able to sit with decent internet connection for a few months and set up an environment in Drupal 7 with NodeStream. This setup appeals to me! I like what you guys did with NodeSteam.

I want to setup a Responsive website, so I downloaded the PageManagers video's from NodeOne and want to install the Lucid theme to work on that.

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Help With Domain Access and Nodestream

I pray this the right forum to post this inquiry...Hello, I am using Nodestream and domain access module. I have already created the sub-domains I needed. Now my question is how to 'push' (for lack of a better word) content to a particular sub-domain so it's (the article or advert is not visible to the other sub domains.)
The Domains created are as follows Nairobi, Nakuru and Test. Basically I want the articles meant for Nakuru to be either automatically routed using Taxonomy or manually using a sub-domain list/drop down.Need I say am a novice at this. Thank you

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Nodestream Newspaper App

I am mainly going to use NS2 for Newspaper production purposes, and i got the feeling that i am missing something.
It has come to my attention that NS Newspaper has been separated from NS core -

Excactly what does that mean ?
I had the option to install the Newspaper production during the setup, and yet it tells me that the App is not installed (the Blog app is)
Has it been separated from 7.x-2.0-alpha8 or will it be separated from 7.x-2.0-alpha9 or later?

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Topic Regions

I am working with an install of NS for D6 and so far things have been doing pretty well. I have a "sandbox" that I installed essentially tearing apart how everything works and I think that I have enough information to move forward with creating a migration path from ProsePoint to Nodestream, but there are two thing that are still eluding me (see previous post about auto pagination posted in this group)

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