Multi-master synchronous replication system for MySQL on AWS with Drupal as POC

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At MySQLcon I ran into the guys from Codership. They did a 25 minute presentation on how to do multi-master synchronous replication across many instances of MySQL.

In layman's terms.

If you are running 5 Master MySQL databases behind your giant Drupal site, and one of those servers crashes, you won't lose a transaction, and you won't corrupt your logs and destroy your database.

Today runs 2 multi-master databases, but if one of the DB servers crashes we could lose a transaction, and we could have our binary logs get corrupted. Fortunately, we have back-ups and we don't do financial transactions on the infrastructure. General availability is targeted at the end of 2009. They are working to get hooks added to the MySQL core.


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This is good news! :)

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I guess this depends on a few patches that are landing in official mysql repositories (from Google extensions), such as the Global Transaction IDs. :)