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This group is dedicated to solutions and approaches for high traffic, high performing Drupal sites. As such, it will deal with a lot of information around the rest of a typical Drupal "stack" -- the operating system, web server, database, and PHP tweaks that combine to support the Drupal application.

This is not a support channel or a place to post bug reports.

If you think you have found a bug, use the issue queue for the appropriate project.

If you need support, see http://drupal.org/support for options.

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How about an cloud database

I was looking to other options to move my drupal's database to some other cloud database provider like compose.com Because I am looking for a solution where I can reduce my maintenance of the whole infrastructure.

If I move my database to cloud. Does it impact on my performance?
Has anyone used these cloud database providers?

I am new to this topic. kindly advice.

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Database performance

Hi guys

I am running a dynamic classified ads website on Drupal 7 and I wonder what would be the best database configuration for optimum performance.

InnoDB, or MyISAM?

What would be the best settings in my.cnf?

The hardware is a Cpanel/MySql VPS with 6 x 2.9GHz Xeon CPU Cores and 11GB Dedicated RAM.

Many thanks

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How bad is the core statistics module, really?

The core statistics module gets a lot of bad press because it triggers a db write on every page visit. But how bad is it, really? There are several functional advantages of using it...

Are there any high performance sites which actually use the module? Do you use it?

How about the Node View Count module (https://www.drupal.org/project/nodeviewcount)?

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Best Caching Option for Site Growing from Anonymous 1m to Authenticated 10m users?

Hi High Performance Gurus! Need your help since I'm kinda stuck...

I admin a Drupal 7 site on which the authenticated user base is growing rapidly.

We get about 1 million pageviews per month, and we have a target to grow to 10 million in a year and most of those hits will come from authenticated users. We're building several user-specific features such as "favorite posts", "read later", "posts from people i follow", etc. etc.

He's how we're caching things right now:

(1) Boost (for anonymous users)
(2) Memcache (as db cache)
(3) Opcache (built into PHP)

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php7 + memcache: stable?

We'd like to run our Drupal 7 sites with php7. The only trouble we have so far has to do with the PECL memcache(d) extensions - no stable release supporting php7 has been published yet:



  • The PECL/memcached package is being discussed in this issue where people are actively waiting for a stable release to move to php7 (some of them ended up moving to Redis because it was taking too long)
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    Implementing Couchbase vs Redis for Drupal 7 site with horizontal scaling

    We're ll the process of moving our Drupal 7 online app platform site to a major cloud provider that will include horizontal scaling (multiple nodes for Frontend as well as multiple nodes for MariaDB). We're now considering the optimal solution to scale caching.

    We are contemplating substituting standard memcache server with either internal Couchbase memcache server or Redis. The goal is to optimize performance of the site.

    We are also contemplating upgrading from php v5.4 to php7.

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    Recommendations for keeping unwanted strings out of locales_source?

    On a site I'm helping with we have a problem that the {locales_source} table growing in size and affecting the site's performance. We're using the locale module for front-end translations, but all of our staff are using English so we don't need translations on admin pages. Some recent analysis of the table shows a large portion is for admin pages.

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    Trouble integrating Taleo API and Drupal 8

    I currently have a drupal 6 website that has integration of taleo, pulling in jobs by state, a simple search, job detail pages, and job details via api. I am upgrading the site to drupal 8 due to security issues and am having a difficult time trying to reporpuse the module. I tried upgrading the module to drupal 7 so i could then move it into 8, but it is not working at all in 7.

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    DrupalJam 2016

    2016-05-12 09:00 - 17:30 Europe/Amsterdam
    Event type: 
    Drupalcamp or Regional Summit

    Op 12 mei 2016 vindt de volgende editie van DrupalJam plaats, opnieuw in De Fabrique in Utrecht. Het sfeervolle industriële staat opnieuw decor voor hét Drupal congres van de lage landen. Met een geweldig programma op een fantastische locatie is DrupalJam dé gelegenheid om te netwerken, kennis te delen en als bedrijf te verbinden met het populaire CMS Drupal.

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    Personalisation / Custom caching

    Hi all,

    I want to build a module that handels caching and is able to deal with altering pieces of content based on some variables.

    For a client we've developed a D7 site a couple of years back. The site is high-traffic and serves a lot of visitors but only anonymous users. The site uses views, panels and panels everywhere for it's layout, general pagecaching for cache and all media comes from a CDN. Everything works great!

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