Portland Oregon CiviCRM Meetup

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User group meeting

Come meet others from the Portland Area who are interested in using or developing CiviCRM.
This is an informal gathering open to all those who are using, have intererest in using, or are developing CiviCRM.


March 29th, 2012 6:00 PM through 8:00 PM


McMenamins - NW 23rd
1716 N.W. 23rd Ave
Portland, OR
United States

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Wish I could come...

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Wish I could come. It seems like all the Drupal/CiviCRM meetings are always somewhere near downtown or NW Portland. Wish we could have some further to the east. Sure would make it a lot easier for some of us to make it.

That's a good point! I'm

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That's a good point! I'm almost all the way out in Gresham, so I feel your pain. I'll bring this up at the meet-up and see how others feel about switching up the location for some meetings.

I live in SE as well. It's an

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I live in SE as well. It's an easy bus trip on the 17 for me to get to the NW location, but it would be cool to have a location here. I'm new to the neighborhood, so I'm not sure of a good spot.

Not everyone lives on the East side.

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I live West of Beaverton so I'm not crazy about always going downtown either, but I realize some do live on the East side so having a central location averages out best for all parties involved.


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Great timing. I'm starting with CiviCRM this week.

I Love CiviCRM!

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I'm looking forward to getting involved with the group. I've been working with CiviCRM for about three years now, and have used it on many of the sites I have built for Portland NPOs and elsewhere.

Michael Colvin
http://www.streamseeds.net (site currently under construction)

That would be greatly

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That would be greatly appreciated. I'm on the eastern edge of Gresham, so it's a long drive and dealing with a lot of traffic from here. Not to mention how late I get home on a school night where I need to be getting kiddo to bed. Even if it were something like every other meeting or something it would be nice. I'd love to attend since I've been using CiviCRM for years and have built a lot of sites with it.

Looking for CiviCRM developer

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Hi All,

We are a web development company in the Seattle area. We focus on Drupal and CiviCRM and our clients are mostly non-profits. We are looking for an experienced CiviCRM developer for some of our existing clients and then for new projects. We need someone that can do advanced CiviCRM development such as create custom reports, do data imports, work with a custom payment gateway, create directories with contacts with multiple relationships, etc.

We work with many contractors (one in Vancouver WA) so it's not required that you come to Seattle. But it would be good if that was possible as needed. I don't mind coming down there either as it's fun to take the train and visit Powell's. :-) It would also be fun to make one of your Meetups.

Please contact me if you are interested.

Jeanne Cost