Drupal in Croatia

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Hi - I'm a Drupal freelancer based in Denver, Colorado though I'm investigating the possibility of a work-abroad situation later this summer (June, July or early August) for a few weeks. I'm curious how big a Drupal community exists, and if there were any shops that would be interested in office-sharing while I'm there. (I'd be doing my US-based work, remotely - I'm not looking to be hired.) I'd enjoy talking with someone who's involved locally. I'll also be at all three days of DrupalCon next week.

I've visited Croatia before and loved my experience as a tourist, so it's at the top of my list right now.


Hello bradjones1, I am really

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Hello bradjones1,

I am really glad to hear that you like Croatia. :-) Thumbs up!!

I'm not really sure you could call our local thing a community, although I must admit that I haven't really been informed about what's happening in Croatia Drupal wise.

If you come to Croatia (Zagreb) I will gather some Drupal enthusiasts for a Beer, or two but that would be the end of my contribution.


Filip Horvat