Feed Aggrigator creating duplicate entries, one for node, one for promo

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I have Articles assigned to a separate vocabulary and taxonomy and it is pulling both the promo and article in the feed. The feed is in a separate region and is pulling the RSS from the Feed Aggrigator with a single taxonomy/term. Why is that happening?


When articles are created, it

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When articles are created, it always creates a promo automaticly. This is done for convenience, since you usually want to create a promo in order to display the article in a region. This is done through rules, so you can probably adjust this by having a look at the rules that create promos under rules and see if you can adjust it to better fit your needs.

Are the articles you are showing being viewed by a custom view, or are you using one of the NodeStream views?

//Fabian Sörqvist

No custom views, just the

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No custom views, just the standard NS views. I will look at the rules and see what I can find. Thanks,

Are we talking about the same

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Are we talking about the same thing or are you referring to the other issue that I asked about?


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