Phone / SMS / VoIP integration with Commerce, Open Atrium, Drupal Commons and CiviCRM

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Hello everyone,

I wonder if anyone would like to partner with me to mentor GSoC projects that provide phone, SMS, and VoIP capabilities to Commerce, Open Atrium, Drupal Commons and/or CiviCRM.

I'm particularly interested in applications of VoIP Drupal (, an open source platform that enables the creation of Drupal sites that combine regular touch tone phones, the Web and SMS in a variety of ways, facilitating community outreach and improving access to business, government and non-profit sites. It can also be used in the implementation of community hotlines, emergency announcements, voice-based surveys, interactive radio, call centers and more.

For instance, one could imagine something like:

  • VoIP Drupal - CiviCRM integration to facilitate the organization and tracking of phone conversations, conference calls and call blasts directly from the browser

  • VoIP Drupal - Commerce integration to help web shops provide phone lines for their customers to check order status, hours of operation, connect with sales dept, etc.

  • VoIP Drupal - Open Atrium integration to improve group communication, generate event reminders, etc.

  • VoIP Drupal - Commons integration to expand the capacity of the intranet to reach out to its members via regular phone and SMS, increasing accessibility, inclusion and participation.

Let me know what you think, ok?




VoIP with CiviCRM

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I'm especially interested - would love to find out how to send out calls / sms for reminders for events or registered activities in CiviCRM.

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GSoC 2012

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Thanks leoburd,
This is amazing. I am very interested in this project . I would love to work on this as GSoC student . I heard about it before but never tried . Now I am learning about It .

VoIP with OpenChurch

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I'm interested in using VoIP to send sms reminders for events and meetings as well as using text-to-speech for robo-calling of last-minute changes, snow-closure, etc. in a church website. Churches face the difficulty of needing to communicate with a wide spectrum of members, not all of whom are Internet savvy. For some years to come, we still need to communicate via snail mail and phone, while at the same time embracing the latest technology to maintain contact with younger members.

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Voip and COD

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This would be great functionality to use with the COD (Conference Organizing Distribution) using SMS notification and updates. I'm working my way up the ladder, and have tried integrating SMS using Twilio and Tropo for D6, but not with VOIP, would like to be involved in what ever you move forward with this idea. Thanks


I'm interested...

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I can do some VoIP mobile apps for iPHONE and ANDROID...
when your ready to test some stuff, let me know.

Re: I'm interested...

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Hi IrishGringo,

What kinds of VoIP apps do you have in mind? We're already using VoIP Drupal in a couple of places...


Hi, Whats the status on this,

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Whats the status on this, I want to use sms with drupal commerce, It's there a place where I can start or do I have to do all from scratch?


You should connect with Leo

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You should connect with Leo Burd and Tamer Zoubi
Also ask about whatsUpServer

The IRC channel is #drupal-voip

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If the only thing you need is

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If the only thing you need is SMS the SMSFramework might be an alternative starting point for you:

I coulnd't make it work, I

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I coulnd't make it work, I spent many hours, maybe I need to wait unitl a more stable version of the module came up.
In the mean time, I will make my own module, I only need to send an sms to the client after the purchase, I think the most dificult part will be validating that the phone number is a celular, I will try to use the phone_cck module as a base


What problems you had? I have

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What problems you had? I have been using hoth VoIP Drupal and smsframework for long time without any issues.

Last problem was that I could

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Last problem was that I could not configure with user registration page, i tried to configure it to make it mandatory, but the configuration got reseted everytime

Are you using the latest

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Are you using the latest smsframework 7.x-1.x-dev which is pretty stable? If you can you describe more specifically the steps you took and the errors or problems?

Yes, I am using latest dev

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Yes, I am using latest dev module.
Now I want to enable it with the SMS User 7.x-1.x-dev and the twillio and the menu disapear, can't access the configuration anywehere

Can you raise a support

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Can you raise a support request issue at the issue queue and I'll see how I can help over there.

News about VoIP integration with CRM

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Hello everyone,

Somebody has news about VoIP integration with CRM?

I will try to integrate VoIP with ERPAL


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