Open Media Project

This group is where users and developers of the Knight sponsored Open Media Project share information, discussions, and documentation. The Open Media Project is both a suite of modules based on the system developed by Denver Open Media and the group of 7 development partners who are contributing development, testing, documentation, training or other resources to make the Open Media modules more usable for both the PEG and Drupal communities.

The primary goal of the Open Media Project is to leverage Drupal to give local communities more control over their public access channel. The system will build on several existing modules and maintain the suite of new modules through Drupal's CVS. This is a different approach than most of the previous investments the PEG community has made in Drupal. We are also committed to developing modules that are flexible enough for a variety of uses beyond public access channels.

Current Custom Modules: Open Media Project, Open Media Show, Open Media Airing, Open Media Playback Servers, Open Media Timeslot Scheduler, Open Media Support, Internet Archive and MERCI.

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Drupal and mysql workbech

How can I make the drupal connect with other database on mysql workbench , I need to create new module or what?

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Thoughts on Community Media 2014

Over the past few weeks as 2013 wound down and a new year spun up, I was feeling compelled to open up a conversation about the Community Media Drupal / CiviCRM kits.

I'm curious to hear about how organizations and individuals are faring with this solution for managing community media organizations and their video content. And I would like to know every instance of an organization using this software. I really hope that the adoption of these Starterkits has grown.

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Documentation Push towards Pantheon

Have you heard....there is a lot of energy being put into pushing the Community Media Drupal kits towards a Pantheon installation.


Because community media organizations have full workloads. Our hands are dirty in real grassroots work - few of us have the budget to support the development needed for the Community Media Starter Kits. I'm not one to just advocate that one solution can solve all our web hosting problems - but this Pantheon thing looks pretty close.

How do we get there?

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Where is the "clickable agenda" code for

At the ACM session this morning, Tony Shawcross (@deproduciton) demo'ed a "Granicus killer" feature and stated that ALL the code the OMF has developed is on Where can we find the "clickable agenda" code?

@emilyf has been working on for RETN

@raytiley and I developed the first release of on last year

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Notes from the OMP Cloud ACM Session

I know everyone is interested in this, so I'll post what we learned at the ACM session this morning...

Site OMF demoed:
Status: Not live

Pricing: (UPDATED to just link to OMF's site)

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Question About MERCI 7x and Accessories

I'm looking into using MERCI as a reservation and checkout system for our college's film program. If this isn't the correct place to ask, I apologize and let me know where.

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Open Media Foundation and The Open Media Project Update

Hello Drupalers,

My name is Joe Meersman, I was hired on at the end of last year by the Open Media Foundation (OMF) in Denver to start work on a new incarnation of the Open Media Project (OMP). As many of you know, the history of the OMP is full of successes and failures. My ultimate goal with the Drupal 7 version, is to get rid of as many of the failures as we can, and make the things that worked well work better. Easier said than done, I know, but where would we be without the evolutionary process?

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What is exactly Open Media?

Could someone explain what Open Media is?
I am interested in creating a social network using the Media module where people can post videos and photos.
Is this possible with Open media or the related modules?
Thanks for your time

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looking for a module

looking for a module, but whichever?

I'm looking for the module characteristics;

user of its own making content for;

-----Setting up user--------------------------
my content
a) everyone can views
b) nobody can views
c) only give users permission (select user name)

I hope there is such a module,

...thank you very much

Merhaba arkadaşlar,

Sayfa adlı bir içerik türü var. Her kullanıcı bu sayfa içerik türünden ekleme yapabiliyor.

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Pbcore module

I'm trying to install pbcore module for media collections but i failed i can't find UI?
how can i do this?? Pls help me

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Drupal 7 Media sprint

2011-09-24 09:00 - 2011-09-28 17:00 America/Chicago
Event type: 

Many of the current maintainers of the Media module are meeting for a week-long sprint in Chicago on September 24-28 (Saturday to Wednesday) to help push the module to a stable 1.0 release, work on important features for the 2.x branch, and help plan a potential Drupal 8 media initiative.

Because space is very limited, virtual participation in the #drupal-media IRC channel is highly encouraged and welcome! If you are very interested in attending in person, please contact Dave Reid.

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Where is Open Media headed?

There is a LOT of work being done with Open Media modules right now that is not being reflected on this list. On Drupal 7. A lot of things are in development, and I will only speak from my own experiences - but I'll post and hope others will add. Please correct any errors.

There really seem to be two aspects of the Open Media System that are being implemented concurrently.

1) Facility and Project Management through modules like MERCI and OM_Show.

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MERCI questions

First is it best to set my roles before entering information into MERCI? Let's say am going to assign roles based off membership levels, would it be best to do so first and then enter in the different MERCI content types?

Also, am going to have 3 edit stations would this lend itself better as a Bucket item.

Thank you


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Presenting Media in Drupal - Dallas Drupal Days 2011 presentation

For those interested, I just completed a talk at the Dallas Drupal Days conference here in Dallas TX where I talked about presenting media in Drupal 7. I recorded this video so that anybody who did not attend can watch it. This presentation goes over the awesome combination of Drupal 7 + Media module + MediaFront and HTML5 multimedia within Drupal 7.

... or direct download link ...

Let me know what you think.

Thanks and Enjoy!

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Newbie question

I ran the Cron and it gave me this:

•   warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in C:\wamp\www\hosted\seattlecommunitymedia\modules\merci\merci.module on line 1063.
•   warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in C:\wamp\www\hosted\seattlecommunitymedia\modules\filefield_paths\filefield_paths.module on line 389.
•   warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in C:\wamp\www\hosted\seattlecommunitymedia\modules\filefield_paths\modules\ on line 50.

Any ideas why?
Thank you in advance for your help.


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Broadcast Server Recommendations and Experiences

Looking for input on anyone with these broadcast server experience - particularly in terms of their "open Source" cooperative philosophy and system compatibility. I have worked with Telvue, and they have been very cool and I like their base system.
Don't want to "color" this too much with my particular bias, and the devil is in the details - but I am now looking at (for a new station)

Telvue Princeton series B100, 3000 & Pro (might want HD / SD)

TightRope SX 2 (or LE) - (really like multi-format playback)

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New To Drupal and OMP

I'm front -end developer new to Drupal but not new to other CMS's.
I'm trying to get proof of concept up and running like
I have drupal 6.22 up and running though it won't allow me install the MERCI & Open Media System modules.
That is that I need to get these and the other OMP modules up and running?

thank you in advance for any tips, help and/or advice.

Have a good one.


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need help on Plupload + Images

I want to create a multiusers album witch can be seen only by user_relationship
I tried to use node_gallery module but node gallery show the pictures in gallery list witch every one can see the galleries .

well i'm thinking about integration of plupload and content using image field to creat 2 part of content one for users share galleries like deviantart site and one content for user album

i want to integrate plupload withe image field but it's not working.

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Where do Derivatives Belong in the D7 Media Ecosystem?

Inspired (guilted) by the recent discussions about private planning sessions on the development list and the number of posts to the How to help get Media to 1.0 release and beyond issue @tsvenson started back in January, I wanted to get this posted sooner rather than later. I've shown this graphic and discussed the structure with several people involved in large media sites, but most of these discussions have been happening in person or over email.

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