DrupalCamp 2012 planning kick-off

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2012-04-15 14:30 - 16:00 America/New_York

In 2011 Ohio launched out of the gate with our first annual DrupalCamp Ohio. We had roughly 200 participants, volunteers and speakers, 13 sponsors, 17 sessions, and one amazing event. This event was volunteer organized and would be nothing without its supporters.

Now it is time get rally back together and figure out what we want DrupalCamp Ohio to look like in 2012. We know a couple things already the date of the camp will be either October 10th and 11th or November 9th and 10th (for football fans that's the Indiana weekend or the bye weekend). Yea you read that right we are planning on doing a 2 days camp this year!

We will be having the Kick-off meeting plan DrupalCamp Ohio 2012 Sunday April 15th, 2012 at The Ohio Environmental Council. The council is located at the corner of 1st and Grandview Ave. in Grandview Heights, OH. The address is

We will be discussing a various set of issues and planning out the event this year.

Though not a complete agenda we will be talking about

  • The Web Site
  • Recruitment (Presenters, Participants and Organizers)
  • Marketing the event
  • The program for the day(s) of
  • Finding sponsors
  • Reviewing last year (good and bad)


Turns out I made a

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Turns out I made a mistake.

The available dates are:
Sept 28/29 (Fri/Sat) – Michigan State away game, and Linux Fest Ohio
Nov 30/Dec1 Fri/Sat) – Big Ten championship game in Indianapolis

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