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Short description: Android Cloud to Device Messaging (C2DM) is a service integration with Messaging Framework Module (http://drupal.org/project/messaging) that helps developers send data from servers to their applications on Android devices.

Personal Details

Name: Jun zheng (Jeremyzheng)
School Name: Shanghai Maritime University
Years Completed: 2013
PHP Experience: One year
Drupal Experience: Six months
Android Experience: Two months
C++ Experience: Two and a half years

Project information

Project page on drupal.org: http://drupal.org/project/c2dm
Student: Jun Zheng(Jeremyzheng)
Mentor: Jingsheng Wang (skyredwang)
Current status:
Mr. Wang created C2DM project page a few years ago, but he hasn’t written the actual code. I have studied the documentation that he has pointed out on the project page. I am looking forward to starting this project with Google Summer of Code 2012 program.

Project schedule

April 23rd - May 21st

  1.  Apply for a C2DM account with Google
  2.  Read complete documentation C2DM
  3.  Study how Notification Module work
  4.  Study how Messaging Framework Module work
  5.  Study how Token Module work, particular the integration with Notification & Messaging
  6.  Brush up Drupal and Android programming skills
  7.  Q/A for the studies on Drupal, C2DM, Notification and Messaging Framework.

May 21st - June 1st

a. Build a simple testing php script to test sending notification via the C2DM server

b. Build a simple Android app to test receiving notification via the C2DM server

June 4th - June 15th

a. Discussion/decision on the architecture of C2DM module

b. Discussion/decision on how to map APIs between Messaging Framework and C2DM

c. Discussion on the possibility/direction/methodology on after Android receives C2DM notification, how should it access the Drupal content which triggers the notification

June 18th - June 26th

a. Start writing C2DM module and Pushing codes to C2DM repository

b. Open Source the simple Android testing app for C2DM module on github

June 27th - June 29th

a. Short break for Google I/O 2012

b. Mr. Wang will discuss the C2DM Drupal module idea with C2DM engineers at Google I/O. Jeremy will join the discussion and Q/A remotely.

July 2nd - July 6th

a. Finishing implementing C2DM module

July 9th -July 13th

  1.  Add basic documentation in code
  2.  Begin submitting mid-term evaluation

The mid-term expectation:

  1.  A fully functioning Drupal C2DM module with basic documentation in code.
  2.  An Android testing app for C2DM module with basic documentation in code.

July 14th - August 13th

  1. Daily scrum call to

a. Fix bugs

b. Beatify the codes (Follow Drupal coding standard in C2DM module; Follow Android/Java coding convention in the testing app)

c. Code re-factoring and optimization

d. More necessary documentation in code

  1.  Writing developer/user documentation for C2DM module
  2.  Writing developer/testing documentation for the testing Android app

August 13th - August 17th

  1. Writing a paper/blog on:

a. after Android receives the C2DM notification from Drupal, What possibility/direction/methodology should it access the Drupal content, which triggers the notification?

b. How to optimize Drupal notification’s content? Particular, how much content should be in the notification, and how to control it, who should control it?

August 20th

  1. Start submitting final evaluation


Extraction Suggestions

Jeremyzheng's picture

I'd like to know how I can find a Co-mentor.
If anyone have the offer and opinions about how to map APIs between Messaging Framework and C2DM.Welcome to contact me:)

Google Summer of Code 2012

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