Newest NodeStream Examples Live?

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Can anyone share a live example of the latest default NodeStream?


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Haven't had time to get into it.
It's a lot more limiting than OP 2.3...but in some ways that's a good thing.
I'm going to get into it in the next little while. I really like context, and I don't know panels... so this is going to be tough... But this is very actively maintained I think

Nice example. My only

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Nice example. My only question is how do you handle advertising? The built-in advertising content type is good as far as it goes, but my customers need metrics, such as that supplied by Google's ad server. Then, of course, is how to import 500+ Joomla articles without a working importer -- and I've tried them all.

I will probably use the ad

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I will probably use the ad module. I just need to figure out how to tell it where to put the ads.
Importing---No idea.

That's why i get nervous about open source projects. You never know when the creators are going to pull the plug...or like OP, just sort of lose interest


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