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In Drupal 6, which module do you guys think is best for hover/mouseover menus, i.e. where you expand a menu by simply hovering your mouse over the primary menu option. Nice Menus (http://drupal.org/project/nice_menus) is not the easiest to use and you need to know your CSS, but does the job. An example of a site using Nice Menus is none other than recovery.gov. However, is there anything better out there? I find many menu modules but most seem to force the user to click on a menu or involve images rather than text.


I've used Nice Menus on

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I've used Nice Menus on several sites in D6, and it works, but like you mentioned, I've always had to resolve a few issues with the particular theme/design in question. On the plus side, the module is still under active development, and is likely to stick around.

No need for a module

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You don't really need a module to have dropdown menus on your site. All you need is a bit of CSS and this code to print your Primary Menu in the page.tpl.php file as a tree rather than single a level menu.

<?php print menu_tree($menu_name = 'primary-links'); ?>

And since the CSS is rather long I attached it below as a .txt file. This is just an example bit of CSS I created and use as a base when I develop dropdown menus. Hope this helps.



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Well, thanks for the

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Well, thanks for the information. But i don't see the attachment you are talking about.


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Thanks guys. Always looking

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Thanks guys.

Always looking for that module that does a little more and has already dealt with more of the cross-browser issues.

Sala kahle,


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Hi Grant et al --

I've had good luck with YUI menu -- although use nice menus on nearly every site. I didn't have to do anything to the CSS to have YUI menus working properly (unlike nice menus) -- but did touch up the CSS with colors that matched the site's theme (stock colors are grays). More than happy to do a quick overview of using YUI at an upcoming PDX meeting.

Todd Tomlinson
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Todd Tomlinson
Managing Partner
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I'm having trouble with the

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I'm having trouble with the YUI menu. I installed the YUI module and the YUI menu module and configured. But I'm not sure where it is? Does it show up as a block that I position? I've spent most of the day with Nice Menus and it's driving me crazy. It seems everyone has this up and running quite easily. I've flushed the cache and run cron incase that does something but I don't see how. It seem to be pinging yahoo so the module seems to be in place but no menu.

Any help would be great,


Yeah if you're using drop

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Yeah if you're using drop down menu modules to setup a menu, you're not themeing at all. It's not tough to build out your own theme, espescially with content template.

If you'd like help learning how to do custom theme's, I'd be more than happy to help you build it out.

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