TriadDUG May 2012 Meeting

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2012-05-16 18:30 - 21:00 America/New_York

Kernersville Public Library
Lower level conference room
130 E. Mountain St,
Kernersville, NC 27284

6:30 - 8:30/9:00-ish


  • Session: Drush Make + Installation Profiles (Ray)

  • Session: Drupal Backups & Restore (Ben)

  • Session: Still Looking

Issue Q&A's: Ask about problems or issues you're having on your site(s) and let's try to tackle it together.


Agenda & Presenters

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Does anyone have a topic they would like to present next week?


Drupal backups

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I can talk about Drupal backups that I do before doing updates. I can show how I create them and how to restore from them if something goes wrong. I use the mysqldump command to backup the database, and Mac OSX "archive" function to backup the files.

I'd like hear other methods, too, if someone has a way that works better for them.

Drush Make and Installation Profiles

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Would anyone have any interest in using Drush (& an Install Profile) to build out a new site?


I would like this

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Ray, I would be interested in seeing this. So far, I have always put sites together the old fashioned way w/o the profile, but I bet it would be more efficient to use a profile.


Okay that takes care of one Session

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Drush Make + Installation Profiles

I'm in rehearsals

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I'm in rehearsals for a KLT production; unfortunately, I have to be at Wed. night's rehearsal. Too bad we can't move the meeting to Thursday (5/17); I don't have rehearsal that night!

Site builder, writer, trainer, graphic designer

Membership E-Commerce

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I would like to offer video training on my health site for a fee. How can I do that? What modules? Where to store the videos? I have a PayPal account I could use to accept payments. Who has done this before? Where can I find them to get some help?

Sorry I missed the meeting

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I was really tired and rested for awhile. Unfortunately, my alarm didn't wake me up!

Looking at the June Meeting

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Please give me suggestions on dates for this meeting - and if you would like to prepare a presentation on the subject of your choice please me know.


P.S. Thanks to everyone who made the May Meeting.


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