Make a Drupal t-skirt!

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It is really cool that we have "female t-shirt" options now at DrupalCons. Though, with my size/shape, I prefer men's t-shirts. And I have quite a few of those. What I didn't have is a Drupal t-skirt. Until now.

I posted up instructions on how to make a Drupal t-skirt. Though I should get a better photo.

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Basically, you measure the widest part of your hips. Divide that by X number of t-shirts. Say 40 inches at hope, 5 shirts, then each should be 8 inches. With 1/2 inch each side for sewn edge. That is how wide to cut the top of each t-shirt panel. Then just cut a diagonal to the bottom widest edge of t-shirt. I used a waist band from a tighter fitting t-shirt. I assembled and sewed it all in a sort of slap-dash way, showing the seams and stitching.


Looks comfy!

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That's a creative way of re-purposing t-shirts.

Awesome! I attempted to turn

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Awesome! I attempted to turn my Darth Drupal massive shirt into a dress ages ago, but it never quite fit right. Might have to give it another go!

...or blankey...

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oooo so creative! If the t-skirt doesn't work out, you can always make a t-quilt... and have sweet drupally dreams! :)


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I was looking for the API on Drupal.t() and I found this. Awesome stuff, Heather.