What percent of your users log in each week?

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I've been trying to do some analysis on an Intranet site I work on to determine what is a reasonable percent of the company to log into the site during a typical week (i.e. a week that doesn't have any holidays) and what percent you expect to use the one-time login link.

I'm starting to track this on the site and found that the watchdog for the one-time link is not super handy because the UID column is empty. I made a patch to make the watchdog of the use of one-time logins happen after the user has a session so that the uid will be populated - http://drupal.org/node/1564996

My experience so far is 124 logins out of ~200 users on the site I'm reviewing which feels like a pretty high number. It depends, of course, on the nature of the intranet - if your intranet is where you do time/expense entry then you'd likely have more frequent logins than if your intranet is used just for informational purposes.


Difficult to compare...

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As you say, it depends on the nature of the intranet. Out of ~30,000 users, I had around 10,000 monthly logins, but this was with the homepage as the browser default. This was an improvement on two years previously where we had approximately 5,000 monthly users.