Use git as a database backend for Drupal

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First of all, it is possible to use git as a nosql database (althought it is pretty cracked crazy).

At the end of the presentation, it is suggested it is a good fit for... CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS. Like Drupal :)

What's funny, it solves an actual issue of configuration in database, without the dummy step of "exporting to features". Meh.

Let's do it.


Wicked... Interesting...

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Wicked... Interesting...

What's really funny is that

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What's really funny is that this was one of our possibility solutions for the LSD content staging solution. It decided not to do it out of pure complexity (and craziness).

Content follows the same workflow as files in Git. It's a model we use all the time to describe how we design workflow solutions for our clients.

Using Git for content

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Using Git for content management? Pssh. If you really want to be evil, you'll find a way to use Drupal's node revision system as a version control system for code.

There are real content

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There are real content management systems that use a Git backend. It makes sense when you don't have crazy listings like Views provides. See Dokuwiki and Gollum.

For Drupal 8, I think brochureware sites might want to use CMI to stage and deploy content.You lose field api but you get easy dev/stage/prod workflow.

So, this isn't so evil IMO :)